Meeting Russian Woman – Do You Need A Russian Marriage Agency Or Is A Dating Site Good Enough?

Meeting Russian Women – Regular Dating Site or Marriage Agency?

Nowadays there are hundreds of dating sites and dozens upon dozens of dating sites just to meet Ukrainian Russian women. Then there are Russian marriage agencies. The main difference between the two is a Russian dating site has listings of profiles of Russian women. You pay a monthly fee typically $ 25 or $ 30 a month and you meet and interact with these Russian women the same way you would any dating site. A Russian marriage agency on the other hand is much more structured. There are many more controls about which women can join. a Russian marriage agency is also a bit, sometimes quite a bit more expensive.

The problem with your regular large personal sites where anyone in the world can join and place free personal ads and answer personal ads is this would not be very useful at all if you want to meet a quality Russian woman you'd want to marry.

A big part of the reason for this is these dating sites are aborted and misused by different types of scam artists. These scams range from individuals creating fake profiles of attractive Russian women to nonexistent, fake, marriage agencies asking for money for correspondence with Russian women. The big dating sites where anyone can join have no security protocols in place so you are totally on your own.

The best couple of Russian marriage agencies are a whole different ballgame. First off these agencies have a strict screening process for the women who can join. If a Russian woman is not attractive enough she can not join. The marriage agencies themselves take the photographs of the women that go in their profiles so you know the photos are real and recent. Information that a Russian women will place in her profile giving more information about herself must also be verified by the Russian marriage agency. And lastly a Russian woman who is serious about getting married, a woman who is trustworthy and has honest intentions, will join a Russian marriage agency.

Make no mistake about it you do pay extra for this. The way these legitimate Russian agencies work for the guys who want to meet a Russian women for the most part they do not pay monthly fees. They usually work on a credit system. You buy credits. These credits allow you to take certain actions. For example to send a Russian woman an e-mail costs so many credits. The costs of credits varies from as little as $ .40 per credit to as much as eight or nine dollars per credit!