Meeting Russian Women While in Russia

It always amazes me when I surf the web and see all the sites providing information on Russian brides. If you are going to Russia, you are probably wondering what Russian women are like.

As a matter of credibility, I should probably provide some references for this article. I lived in Russia for a year and have been back a few times. I have Russians in Russia working for me now, including Russian women. [They are laughing at this article.] Being single, I dated Russians. I lived with a Russian woman. No, I did not meet her off a site nor did I get married. For better or worse, this gives me at least some insight into Russian women and I am happy to give you the same.

Are all Russian women beautiful? Of course, not. They range from stunning knock outs to your average looks. Are there women that look like Anna Kournikova and Maria Sharapova walking around? Yep, but not all of them. The Russian "look", however, is distinctive. Some people like it while others do not.

Are Russian women educated? My God, yes. Russians in general are very educated. They go to school both because they have to and because they enjoy it. After graduating, a vast majority of Russians will continue to go to school to educate themselves on their area of ​​interest. Many of the Russian bride sites give the impression that these women are uneducated or a bit naïve. My experience is they are not. They may play that role if they desire, but it is just a role.

Are Russian women desperate? Yes and no. It depends on the situation. A women living in Moscow is pretty much the same woman you would meet in Los Angeles, London, New York or wherever. The "desperate" Russian women are those that are stuck in a location that has not seen the benefits of the fall of communism. The desperation is purely economic, to wit, it is hard to find jobs and even those with jobs get paid very small sums. Regardless, the desperation is a function of economics, not the need to meet a man.

Do Russian women love foreign men? Some do and some do not. The perception out there that Russian women are mad for foreign men, particularly Americans, is a load of … Russia is not some bombed out country. Parts of central and eastern Russia are pretty bad, but even they are starting to improve. My experience with all Russians, not just the women, is that they are curious. They have all been taught English from a young age and are very keen to try it out. Are they open to romance with foreigners? Sure, but not much more than you would find in any country. You are a curiosity to them and that uniqueness makes you compelling. Rarely are you considered the prince in shining armor that is going to save them.

Are Russian women looking for a ticket out of Russia? Again, it depends. A woman in Moscow or St Petersburg is not. A woman in Irkutsk in Siberia probably is more open to the idea. This openness, however, is a product of wanting to have a better life. Yes, she may really think you are wonderful, but there is at least a small amount of her that looks at you as a ticket out of town. Sorry, but that is a fact of life. If you lived in a dump with no prospects, how would you feel?

Overall, I found Russian women to generally be the same as women everywhere. They are not desperate. They are not passive. They are intelligent and very sophisticated in many ways. In the simplest terms, they should be treated respectfully just as you would treat any other woman. Treat them other and you will wish you had not!