Memory Card Recovery

It's your worse nightmare … you have just taken the wedding pictures or the new baby pictures and … they're gone! Keep in mind the photos are stored on your card as data and may still be there. What you may need is memory card data recovery.

Let's think through how the pictures may have gotten lost. With all the buttons and menus on digital cameras, it's possible someone hit the format button. Or the photos were deleted accidentally or intentally. Or maybe the card was damaged or damaged due to the card being stuck out while your camera is on. You can also suffer data loss due to using the card between different cameras / computers / devices. Yes, there are plenty of ways to lose your pictures.

If any of these happened, there is still hope. Why? Because your memory card is a miniature storage device and the pictures were stored as files. It is possible to do memory card file recovery. In the movies you see people recovering files from damaged computers. Well, it's not just in the movies … it really is possible.

In our example your camera uses SD memory cards so you need to find SD memory card recovery. Not a problem. There is memory card recovery software for your computer and it works on all types of cards. Some companies will let you download a trial for free. If it works, be nice to the company and pay them for the full blown version. Why? Because you are grateful and you need to keep those people in business. They just recovered those wedding pictures!

Here are a few suggestions if your important pictures have disappeared from your memory card. First, set the card aside and do not try to add or delete anything. Second, either download software from a company like CardRecovery or take the card to a professional photography store. These guys have had more than one professional photographer come in after a wedding in a full blown panic because the pictures disappeared. They are experts at photo memory card recovery.

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