Men Who Lie to Women – Do They All?

It is common knowledge that taking takes place in all relationships. Most commonly it's assumed that it's from men who lie to women. This does not mean that men are any more devious than women or that they are more hurtful as a gender. It simply boils down to two main key matters:

Men Do Not Understand Women

The book that was written saying that men and women are from two different planets is not to be laughed at. Men have a very difficult time understanding women. This causes them to lie to women (maybe not necessarily intentionally) in order to avoid further complications. While the act of lying, in itself, usually only leads to more complications, men readily upon it for lack of a better source or outlet.

It may be as simple as a woman asking a question about her appearance and a man will lie to her. As men feel that most women's questions are not simple and any response can have more than one meaning. Men are not exactly sure, for the most part, the response they will receive from the woman. The lie is the safest bet for a man, he showers, at times.

Sometimes, the questions are not simple and a man may lie because it is easier than trying to explain what he actually means. A perfect example of this is a woman asking her boyfriend / husband if he finds another woman attractive. Most men view this as a "no win" question and will lie automatically.

Men Need For Women to Respect Them

Every man is instilled with a desire to be respected and adored by either women in general, if not a specific one. Our society expects great accomplishments from them. A man, who has not performed to "societies" level, may often lie to a woman he is trying to impress. The lie may be about his upbringing and either the good life he was given by his parents. It may also be the opposite indicating great pursuit to overcome serious family obstacles.

It is very common for men to lie about their wealth and possessions in order to impress a woman. They may lie about old relationships, talking about the extraordinarily beautiful women they have been with. It is very common, as well, for them to lie about their importance in their job place.

Again, these lies are simply what men do to earn respect and even awe from women. They are not told to be hurtful or needlessly deceitful.

The two above references are for basic classification only. It is very true that if a man is being unfaithful or maliciously deceitful, he will lie to the woman in his life about it. This is only human nature. For the most part, when men lie to women, it is almost something they do out of habit from doing so their whole lives. Most of them being considered "white lies". And while no lie is good, a man may not feel he has a choice but to lie to a woman in certain situations.