Mentoring And Support For Exceptional Women

It has been my experience that there is no quality support or mentoring for high functioning or high achieving women; and by quality I do not mean the same old formulae dressed up in Versace.

No matter who we are there will come a time in our lives when we will need understanding, support and encouragement to move forward in a constructive and rewarding direction. A time in which we need to re-evaluate, re-position, to gain new understandings and to find new purpose.

People with exceptional maturity, abilities, sensitivities or those occupying unique situations in life often find themselves physically, emotionally or spiritually isolated. Isolated and drifting rudderless inside whilst desperately going through the motions on the outside.

Having nowhere to turn to and no effective support system just serves to make matters worse.

Experience has shown me that the keys to an effective support system lie in the client feeling that they are:

• Respected

• Safe and Supported

• Heard

• Understood

• Open to new ways of perceiving life

• Challenged

• Moving towards achieving their true potential

There are no rules but there may be valuable general areas of focus such as relationships. There maybe a connection to be renewed with sources of inner guidance such as dreams. Whatever the journey, the client remains in control.

The objective is to bring the necessary levels of peace, contentment, achievement, fulfillment, purpose, understanding and direction.

Regular contact and a willingness to trust yields a realisation that change and certainty are possible as the real story unfolds.

This is achieved through a partnership with the right mentor and there is no automatic entitlement to this kind of service. This type of service suits exceptional people because it is a service which is very selective who it works with.

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