Models who are ‘too beautiful’ to find love unite to whine

Sometimes when you’re this hot — you’re just gonna get burned.

A growing number of models and social media influencers claim they are being penalized for being “too beautiful,” resulting in them repeatedly getting rejected from dating apps amid accusations of catfishing and “intimidating dates.”

While most people want to put their best faces forward, this pack of beauties claims that is exactly what’s keeping them from landing lovers.

Tahlia Paris, a 24-year-old Playboy model, claims Bumble removed her profile — despite her protestations that her photos didn’t break guidelines.

“I was on the app for not even a few hours because pictures I tried posting to my profile were removed even though they were normal photos,” the California-based model, who also works as a DJ, told Jam Press.

She alleges the app removed her pictures because she’s “too beautiful.”

“It happened three or four times to different pictures and Bumble only allowed one of my pictures to stay up, which was really hurting my odds in the dating app world,” she said.

Paris said she was hopeful to find love — until she was removed from Bumble.
Jam Press/@tahliaparis

After living single for four years, she took to the popular platform in hopes of finding the one, but was surprised when the app’s moderators took down her photos.

“The photos I posted were very basic. One was a selfie of myself, one was a picture a friend of mine had taken at the beach,” she said. “I tried to keep it very PG and not model-esque at all. I wanted guys to not stop at my profile because I’m a professional model but because I was just another average girl looking to date.”

But Paris isn’t the only online beauty allegedly barred from the apps.

Alaw Haf from Mold, Wales, says she makes more than $57,000 a year on OnlyFans — but despite her apparently crowd-pleasing looks, she’s regularly kicked off dating apps.

Alaw Haff
Haf has allegedly been booted from all mainstream dating apps.
Jam Press/@alawpx

“I just need to keep reminding myself I can’t do anything about it, and it’s out of my control.”

Luna Benna, OnlyFans model who’s been accused of catfishing

Tinder, Bumble and Hinge have banned Haf from the platforms because her photos look fake, she claimed. The Post has reached out to the apps for comment.

“I had problems with a couple of my pictures so I’d just replace them with others,” Haf said to Jam Press.

She said she was first booted from Tinder in September 2020, then again in December 2021 after regaining her account. She was also removed from Bumble in 2020 and Hinge in March 2021.

“I would never post anything offensive but it’s hard to find a picture of myself wearing clothes when 90% of my pictures are in lingerie or swimwear due to my work,” she said.

Elizabeth Marie Chevalier
Chevalier’s height, personality and beauty “intimidates” men.
Jam Press/@marieechev

For other women, the dating apps aren’t the problem.

Elizabeth Marie Chevalier, 27-year-old Playboy and Maxim model, said her looks are too intimidating for her dates.

The San Diego-based model, who has amassed over 3 million followers on Instagram, said the men she dates struggle to hold a conversation.

“Dating is hard — guys are scared because I’m so beautiful,” Chevalier, who’s been single for six months, told Jam Press. “I’ve been told that I’m intimidating to guys because I’m tall — I’m 5 foot 10 — and I’m beautiful and I have a very intense personality.”

The men who court her are normally “too cocky and self-obsessed,” she added, and they see beautiful women as “trophies.”

“I know I wear a bikini online but it’s a job, most guys can’t see past that,” she said.

Luna Benna
Benna said her photos have been used to create fake profiles online.
Jam Press/@luna.benna

But some women are so beautiful, their photos are used to catfish other users.

OnlyFans model Luna Benna said Tinder banned her because her images were used to lure and trick other hopeful singles.

The 21-year-old said she first had success with the app back in 2017 — even going on some dates — until she was shockingly removed.

“People were stealing my photos and making money using my images. Catfishing, basically,” the Florida-based model told Jam Press. “It’s really disappointing when people create fake profiles after stealing my images — it’s sad for the person behind the image, and sad for the person who gets catfished.”

Because there’s a wealth of fake profiles, every time Benna tries to sign up again, Tinder boots her, she claimed.

“I’ve had a lot of different looks over the years, and have been on the internet forever, so they have lots of options to work with,” she said. “I just need to keep reminding myself I can’t do anything about it, and it’s out of my control.”