Moods and Trends for the Wholesaler Clothing Designer

Although people tend to view the fashion industry in totality, there are a lot of various groups even within it. There are different sets, and each works in tune with their own pace and style. Fashion is not merely restricted to clothing today, and there are shoes, accessories and various other avenues that are to be explored. However, clothing continues to rule the roost, being the largest opportunity waiting to be tapped.

There are subsets within the world of clothing, applying expertise to either niche or exclusive designing, or designing for the wholesale market. Both work very differently, although they work with the same drapes and fashions. Here is what the wholesale clothing designer needs to look out for.

In the world of wholesale clothing, the point is to make a maximum sale, with the same kind of style or garment. The selections are smaller, which means that the simple measure is volume. For the wholesale clothing designer, it is important to take into consideration sensibilities of the mass market and provide for the largest section. General styles and standard colors work best for this group.

While every designer must take into account the latest trends and fashions, without which all clothing simply will not sell, it is important to be more conservative and offer slightly more conventional styles. While the outrageous may work for a few, they are best kept in designer stores and exclusive outlets.

When designing apparel for the mass or wholesale market, it is important to style for the standard size which sells the largest. While some clothes may look good on very small or very large sizes, you must be able to fashion what will find acceptance by the largest cross-section.

Since wholesale clothing is normally very price sensitive, it must be remembered that the products styled must be able to be priced at a range which is affordable to most. The styles must be easy to replicate and create, which will also drive costs down.

When thinking about styling for the mass market, the wholesale clothing designer must be one season ahead. Planning must get underway much in advance, since production and distribution can take a lot of time. This is why it is important to know and understand, and also predict trends so they may be followed and incorporated.

Although wholesale clothing may seem more simple and standard, there is a lot more at stake for a wholesale clothing designer. While a well accepted line may prove a big hit, even one miss could count for a lot.

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