More Women Writer Groups than Men

Ever wonder why there are so many women writers groups and basically no Men writer groups? It is an interesting thing to ponder and indeed a few of us men writers did not too long ago. It seems men are less likely to ask for help when they need it, and women are much better about that sort of thing.

One very good point made is that often men refuse to ask for directions and then burning through precious fuel drive around in circles, trying to find something? See what I mean? And it could also very well be a Demand Issue, that is to say because women are more apt to ask for help there is more demand for women writer groups, so the resultant is more Women's Writers groups. Therefore the Women Writer Groups are supplying for that demand.

Now then, with more Women's writers groups there must be more Women Writers becoming more successful in greater numbers. Thus, 100 years from now, we may all look back and see that Women of the Present Period were by far outacing their male counter parts with quality literary achievements, as well as non-fiction works.

This is an interesting thought, which was brought up by a male author recently and he might have something here. Indeed this might be a big part of the actual observations of Super Star Women Writers Groups that are available?

In the past most of the written literature was dominated by male writers. But the tide is turning and one should suspect this trend to increase the number of professional women writers in the top ranks of human literature. I sincerely hope that this article might propel thought and writing in 2007.