My Flowers, My Emotions

Are you looking to send flowers to your loved one to express a special emotion, or to compliment them, or to congratulate for a special occasion, but are feeling lost which flowers to choose? Well, here are some flowers and their distinct meanings those will certainly help you to make best choice and express appropriately.


· When you are extending a hand of friendship to someone, send them a bunch of blue periwinkles or a bunch of yellow roses.

· To send best wishes to someone who is already a friend, you can gift a bouquet of daffodils. Apple Blossoms are also another choice if you want to wish them good luck.

· To share happiness with your friend, get ready with a beautiful bunch of pink roses.

· You have a great friend. Tell them with a pleasant bouquet of chrysanthemum.

· Small bell flowers are a perfect choice when you wish to express gratitude and say thanks to your friend.

· To affirm a true and honest friendship, send them oak leaved geraniums.


· Goes without saying that red rose is the most beautiful expression of passionate love. Send a bunch of vibrant red roses to that special one.

· First emotions of love are well conveyed through purple lilacs.

· A primrose confesses young love and says “I can’t live without you”.

· “Forget me not” is your flower when it’s true love for you.

· Yellow acacia, gardenia and honey flower are the carriers of secret love, when you and your special one are in love with each other behind closed doors.

· Deep red and pink carnations convey profound admiration.

· Away from your love and miss them? Choose from a bunch of star-gazer lilies or pink carnations. White orchids also convey “I miss you” message.

· Hopeless love is another profound emotion. When you know you are hopelessly in love, say it with yellow tulips.

· Estranged love is painful yet confessed with a serene bunch of lotus flowers.


· This elegant woman caught your sight and you wish to compliment her. Send pink acacia!

· Jasmines compliment someone who is cheerful and graceful.

· Compliment someone pure and sweet by sending them white lilies.

· Praise a person who possesses delicate beauty with a bunch of hibiscus.

· Orchids convey that the receiver possesses refined beauty.

· Someone with beautiful eyes deserves a compliment. Do it with a bunch of tulips.

· Young, lively and cheerful person receives a compliment when you send them a bunch of pink rosebuds.

· “You are sweet”, say with a bouquet of white lilies.

· You wish to say “I adore you” or “I am proud of you”. Say it with a bunch of sunflowers.

· Send a heart-felt compliment to your perfect lover. Send them a bouquet of red tulips.


· You do not accept someone’s proposal? Send it back politely with a bunch of striped carnations.

· You are utterly disappointed and reject a thought, an idea or a person. Send yellow carnations.

· Feeling sorry? Express with a bouquet of sweet-peas or purple hyacinths.

Above are the suggestions on some traditional flowers and the emotions expressed by them. You can make best use of this information. Yet, as they say, there are no rules to flowers and their fragrances. Keep spreading love and compassion, keep sending flowers.

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