Nesting Dolls: An Ancient Art in Toys

In stark contrast to many other dolls made in the toy industry today, Russian nesting dolls have always created a lasting impression of a unique and timeless art form. The first time they were made in the 19th century and painted for fun with images true to life, it immediately gained the liking of people of all ages. They captivate you in their simplicity and the amount of hard work and creativity that goes into fabricating just the correct dimensions for these dolls without the use of any modern, hi-tech technologies.

Nesting dolls that are relics of Russian culture were termed in a plethora of different names amongst which the original and most traditional name given to these awe-inspiring dolls was matryoshka. The other common name given to this doll was babushka. Similar names but with different pronunciations and spellings were devised later. Babushka, interestingly, means grandmother in Russian language. But the true meaning of matryoshka is what could be related well enough with the concept of Russian nesting dolls. Matryoshka is derived from the Latin word 'mater' which means mother and matryoshka is a perfect example of a mother who holds all the members in the family together in all times, the outermost matryoshka being the mother. In the end of the day, it does not matter what nomenclature is used to identify or define a typical Russian nesting doll, the undying charm of these immaculate pieces of art are worth every drop of sweat spent on creating them and every penny spent to own them.

These nesting dolls are made up of wood that is majorly sourced from lime trees or sometimes from birch, aspen or alder. The process of cutting down the tree and letting them get set for the making of these nesting doll structures takes about 2 years. Only a thorough professional and expert craftsman who has had immunity experience in making these dolls would know when exactly the log of wood is ready to be turned and eventually produce these stacking dolls.

Russian nesting dolls can form perfect Russian gifts and are available widely all over the world, if not with land-based retailers then at least with online retailers. The designs and paintings on these stacking dolls can vary according to the theme used. Images of women, peasants, noblemen, politicians, celebrities, Santa Claus, Christmas tree or even various landscapes are eloquently displayed with attention to all the dimensions and symmetry on these matryoshkas. They can form the perfect Christmas gift these holiday season. They attract both adult and children and often become family heirlooms that stay in a family from generation to generation. Additionally, they make exceptional educational toys for children as it helps develop their motor skills and coordination skills. So go ahead and get yourself a really authentic Russian nesting doll soon.