Nokia 7373 – Feel the Beauty

Gone are the days when a mobile phone would simply use used to fulfill the basic of talking need. With woman entering the market as potential players, a whole new range of fashion phones got introduced. And among the most appreciated is the L'Amour collection by Nokia. Nokia 7373 is one of the kind under this genre and exemplifies a rare aesthetic charm. The Nokia 7373 comes with a unique swivel style opening, with 180 degrees rotating surface. The exterior of the Nokia 7373 is garbed in a bowl color schemes, and craftsmanship that is inspired by tribal and ethnic art.

Thus, what we see in the handset is motifs of swirls and waves, and a non-traditional finish. This makes the Nokia 7373 a real classic beauty. When the Nokia 7373 is opened, an impressive keypad is revealed. The keypad is extremely beautiful and usable. The front fascia of Nokia 7373 is dominated by a large TFT high resolution screen. This means the pictures and videos come out really nice. There are no keys on the front face of the handset, which further accentuates the beauty of the handset. Apart from the great looks, the Nokia 7373 comes with a 2MP camera and a music player for entertainment.

While the camera brings out good images with its 8 x digital zoom, the Mp3 player is compatible with all popular formats and is of good quality. Moreover, it also has a built-in radio and support for visual video feature. For data transfer and connectivity, the Nokia 7373 has Bluetooth technology, EDGE and an in-built Internet browser. More, the phone is enabled with tri-band network. This means the phone will pick up the best network automatically and ensure that you are seamlessly connected no matter which part of the world you are in. The Nokia 7373 104g and has an internal memory of 128 MB. Nokia Mobile Phones []