Pass Her Test: The Key to How to Get Women in Bed

The initial interaction between a man and a woman is all about the guy trying to find out how to get women in bed. The woman, on the other hand, is trying to find out if the guy passes all of her tests on his way to being allowed to go to bed with her. Guys need to know how to pass these tests if they ever hope to reach their ultimate goals. Below are some guidelines on how to pass women’s test that will surely get you to bed with her.

To begin with, if a girl is testing you, it is a positive sign. This means she is, at a minimum, interested and attracted to you. It also means that you are succeeding with your approach toward picking her up. Now, she needs to find out whether you really are a cool guy or if you are simply faking it to get into her pants. She is going to ask you some basic questions that aren’t about anything really important. They are going to ask things like “do you pick up a lot of women?” or “do you kiss and tell?” Nothing earth-shattering, but you still have to pass them in any event.

The first key to passing the test is to always agree. Even if she is asking you a completely preposterous question like “are you gay?” you need to sarcastically agree with her. Make your response as exaggerated as possible so she knows that you are being sarcastic and that she understands that your real answer is no. She will also find this kind of response to be humorous, which is a bonus since humor builds attraction.

After you answer her question, the next part of passing her test is to change the subject right away. This allows the conversation to progress without any awkward moments in between passing the test and moving to the next stage of the interaction. If you allow any space to grow, she will continue to test you, which you do not really want. You can also choose to ignore the test, since answering the question might not be useful for your end goal.

All girls will test you to make sure you are who they want. So, if you want to learn how to get women in bed, you have to learn how to pass their tests. Once you pass, your path toward your goal will be a lot smoother.