Pearl: The Perfect Gift to Your Graduating Daughter

Every girl describes the best gift in this world, especially when it is called for by a special occasion.

For one, your once little girl may now be graduating from school after years of hard work and study. Make sure that you give only the perfect gift on that graduation day when all her efforts is recognized and a new chapter in life awaits.

One perfect gift to give to your beloved graduating daughter is the pearl jewelry.

Why Is Pearl the Perfect Gift to Your Daughter?

1. Elegance in Pearls

A pearl can bring so much class to any girl who will wear it. There is something very regal about them that make them so attractive.

A simple black dress can be made more elegant by white pearls. Even the cartoon character Marge Simpson has a very noticeable pearl jewelry in her neck.

2. Every Lady Must Have One

The pearl will certainly bring delight to the heart of any lady, especially your beloved child.

Almost every lady in town will have her own set of pearl jewelry to sport for special occasions. Make sure that your daughter gets her own set.

3. Pearl Jewelry Is Affordable

Pearls are so elegant that they look like something to be worn only by the wealthiest people in the world.

Pearls now can be affordable. Due to the sunset of the pearl farms, this type of jewelry can be taken for less the price than they ordinarily would do. There are of course the expensive types for the especially rare ones.

4. A Pearl Is Special

Every pearl has a story to share that makes it special and desirable. It is different from the other jewelry because it is not mined in any soil deposits.

A pearl is created by the natural events that take place inside an oyster. The select oysters that happen to be entered by a foreign substance will be able to develop into a pearl after the passage of time.

How to Give Your Daughter the Perfect Pearl Gift?

Now that you have learned the many reasons why giving the pearl is the most satisfying gift your daughter can have in her graduation day, then you must decide to buy right now.

Buying a piece of pearl jewelry is not difficult nowdays. All you have to do is to go out to the market and look for the perfect kind. This task, though it sounds simple, may require some good amount of evaluation on your part.

Here are some guidelines to make sure you only get to buy the perfect item:

1. Avoid Fashion Jewelry

Ordinary people may not care for what they buy, but you are buying your gift to your daughter, there is no room for you to make the mistake of buying the imitations.

Imitation pearls are very cheap because they are man-made. They only imitate the round shape and texture of the pearls but they do not possess any of the history a valuable pearl possesses.

2. Know If You Are Getting the Right Bargain

The real pearls that are naturally and freely grown in the sea are the rare and more expensive type. This will definitely go at a high price. So do not expect to get a lower price for this type ordinarily.
The cultured pearls can be the more affordable type. They are not imitation but they are grown with human intervention. Pearl farm owners gradually introduced foreign substances so that pearls will grow in the oysters.

3. Factors Affecting Costs

The cost of a pearl will depend on the specifications of the pearl that you plan to buy.

The smaller ones can go cheaper than the larger ones. The price will increase or decrease depending on the millimeter size indicated.
The coating or nacre of a pearl will also give a distinct iridescence that will set it apart from the rest, especially for the imitations.


Your beloved daughter will be closing a chapter and will face entirely new challenges on the day of her graduation.
Make sure that you give her the perfect gift that will make her feel special!