Personalized Baby Gift

Have you ever received a baby shower invitation and wondered what you could
purchase that would be different than what is usually given? Do you love to
give baby shower gifts that show an extra touch of thoughtfulness? Are you
practical in your gift giving but like spice up a useful item? Has it
been a while since you were a young mother and want to know what a popular
baby item would be?

Monogramming is a wonderful way to give a personalized baby gift. Newborn
baby products can be monogrammed with pictures of baby animals and words.
The baby's name can be monogrammed on the baby product to personalize it.
Below are some ideas for monogramming a baby item.

1. Baby Bedding: A monogrammed baby blanket for the baby crib is always a
good choice. There are several styles of baby blankets that monogram well.
A popular blanket is the Rag Time blanket. It is a patchwork baby blanket
that has seams on the outside rather than the inside of the blanket. It can
be made in various fabrics. Another popular blanket is the flannel
receiving blanket. It can be made in various fabrics. Another popular
blank is the flannel receiving blanket. It is lighter weight. Sometimes
a hemstitch is sewn around the outside of the blanket.

2. Baby Bibs: A personalized baby bib can be a useful and needed gift. The
added fun of having it personalized will be appreciated by the new parents.

3. Baby Towels: Adults use monogrammed bath towels. It is even more
delightful to have monogrammed baby towels. Bath time is a wonderful
bonding time between mother and baby.
A new mother can wrap her wet little bundle with a soft warm towel and enjoy
a few moments of cuddling.

4. Burp Cloths: Baby burp cloths are the most used item next to blankets.
A newborn can go through several burp cloths in a day. A monogrammed burp
cloth may want to be saved for special occasions when baby and mommy are
dressed up.

Other unique
baby gift ideas are:

1. Magnet Boards: This is an attractive piece to have in the nursery.
Reminder notes, photos and keepsakes can be displayed on the board.

2. Baby Look Books: Baby look books are enjoyable when the baby is a few
months older. They are made with a vinyl center so that pictures can be
easily changed. This is a great educational tool for the baby.

3. Plaques: Fabric covered wooden plaques with cast iron knobs can be used
for hanging essential items. Hanging baby's robe or binky on the knobs
where they can be easily found would help new parents get and stay

4. Wooden letters: Wooden letters are a popular item. Wooden letters
carved in the baby's name could be put on a shelf or hung on the wall in the
nursery. Painting the name in the nursery colors can provide a great
decorating accent for the baby's room.

Choosing the perfect baby gift can be a rewarding experience. It makes us
feel in small part, included in the special event. It is enjoyable picking
out gifts for those we care about, especially babies and their parents. The
next time you are invited to a baby shower, do not forget these creative gift
ideas. For more personalized gift ideas visit: