Personalized Birthday Gift Ideas For Her

Basics Only Better

Sometimes the best personalized birthday gift is the simplest. When you're at a loss, remember that there's a reason classic gifts like candles, jewelry, sleepwear and fragrances are so popular – they're always appreciated. There's nothing wrong with taking a classic gift idea and improving upon it by adding a personal touch. In fact, sometimes the basics, when done well, can make for the some of the most exciting and unforgivable gifts. For example, custom candle retailers offer personalized painted candles in an endless array of colors and scents. You choose the intention, color, fragrance and message to create a simple, yet perfectly personalized gift your recipient will cherish. By adding an emotional component to an already elegant and timeless gift, you're presenting your loved one with a birthday present she can not help but appreciate.

The Gift of Experience

The perfect personalized birthday gift is unique, unexpected and slightly indulgent. If you're feeling creative, consider indulging her with the gift of experience rather than a gift in a box this year. Create an evening or a getaway custom-tailor to her tastes by combining the foods, surroundings and activities she loves. Does she enjoy going to the theater? Dancing? Camping? What are her favorite foods? What kind of music does she like? Create a truly unforgetable personalized birthday gift by catering to all five of her senses in a single once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Gift Sets and Themes

There's only one thing better than receiving the perfect personalized birthday gift and that's receiving more than one personalized birthday gift at once! Take your gift-giving to the next level by combining two or more gifts around a theme for an even more affective presentation. Try pairing a custom candle with personalized bath accessories for a spa-themed set or combine personalized painted candles with custom chocolates for a gift basket that's all about decadence. Whatever you choose, keep one thing in mind – it's all about her. Your personalized birthday gift will be most appreciated if it's perfectly tailor to her tastes. Incorporate as many of her favorites as possible for a one-of-a-kind gift she'll never forget.