Plan Your Wedding Quickly – 3 Questions to Choose Your Guest List For Your Perfect, Hurry-up Wedding

Sometimes things happen and you decide to get married quickly. There are many reasons that this might be true. But whatever the reason, you can still have a fabulous wedding. It may be different fabulous than you had imagined of when you had all the time in the world, but it can fabulous all the same. It does mean that you're going to have to get organized and realistic about what's really important and what you can and can not accomplish.

There's very little at your wedding ceremony that is as important as your guest list. Although invitations to weddings are often touted as payback for early entertainment, actually, your guests have a much more important role. They are invited to your wedding to witness, support and celebrate your wedding vows today and your marriage in the future. So, if you need to do payback for other parties, have another party after your wedding.

You've already changed the rules by deciding to get married quickly. So now you get to adjust who you invite. While the focus of every wedding should be on the wedding ceremony and wedding vows, it is particularly important to maintain this focus (yours and your guests!) When your wedding is happening very quickly. You want to tell the world why you love this person and why you are choosing to marry in haste. You want your guests to be people with what you are willing to share the deepest secrets of your heart.

  1. Who are the people who have supported you through your life? Who loved you as children? Who were your confidants in high school and college?
  2. Who are the people who are vital to your well-being now? You're not looking at people you simply like to hang out with (although they may be in this group), you're talking about the people with what you share the most important parts of your life. They may live close by or they may live halfway across the world. Wherever they live, they are constants in your life.
  3. Who are the people that you want participating in your life going forward? These are people to whom you're going to reveal your hopes and dreams and deep commitments.

If you ask these questions rather than "wow, who should we invite to our wedding," you're going to get a list of your essential people. Because you're in a hurry, you want to make sure you do not overlook anyone. Make your list and check it twice, just like Santa!

It may be that not everyone can make this wedding since it's a surprise that you're doing it. But if you limit the guest list to your nearest and dearest, they will do everything they can to be with you – on your wedding day and through your marriage.

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