Plan Your Wedding Quickly – What to Do When You Decide You Will not Wait to Have Your Perfect Wedding

Sometimes things happen and you decide to get married in a hurry. There are many reasons that this might be true. But whatever the reason, needing to do things quickly does not mean you can not have a fabulous wedding. It just means that you're going to have to get organized and realistic about what's really important and what you can and can not accomplish. (and there's a lot more on the first list, than on the second!)

  • Invitations : Be less formal. Write a letter on fabulous paper. Tell people why you've decided to marry quickly. Much will be forgiven if there is illness or career opportunities or suddenly expanding families. Explain that you understand it may not be possible for everyone to join you, but that you hope so much that they will. Promise to send them pictures and details if they are unable to be with you. Enclose a card with the details that they can post on the fridge and a traditional rsvp card.
  • Guest List : Here it is, you're getting married. Who do you want to have witness your vows? It's easier to whittle the list down when you're in a hurry. Just make sure you do not overlook anyone. Make your list and check it twice, just like Santa!
  • Attendants : this is a good time to have only one or two people stand up with you. If you might normally have had more people, invite all your friends to wear a distinct color and have the crowd as your attendants.
  • Venue : You can get married somewhere simple that does not scream wedding, because those places may not have been available. You may want to put a note on to see if someone is having to cancel somewhere and wants to make a deal. Bargain with a hotel if they have availability. (If you're not good at this, someone you know loves to do this, see if they want to make that their gift to you!)
  • Wedding Ceremony : Focus on this. What's true about this event is that you've decided to be married. The wedding ceremony is what makes that happen. The rest of the wedding will flow out of a carefully crafted wedding ceremony.
  • Wedding Reception : You're off the hook. No one is going to expect anything over the top if you've pulled it together quickly. So you get to concentrate on what you want. Simple flowers, simple excellent food (you can always get good food). You may or may not want music. Or you may want background music. Or you may want to serve great hors d'oeuvres and get a kickin 'band.
  • Photographs : You're going to want to invest some money in this part of the project. If there are people who will not be able to make it, make sure they can see it. You may want to video or videocast the ceremony. Because the ceremony is what it's all about.
  • Budget : Because you're moving quickly, you're really going to need a budget and you're going to need to stick to it.
  • Cooperation : Concentrate on what you can do and not what you can not have. Ask your friends for help. Not everyone enjoys the community creation of events like this, but many people will love being a part of helping you pull this all together.

You can have an amazing wedding very quickly. Keep your focus on your wedding ceremony and your wedding vows, and the other pieces will fall into place. You'll have your perfect wedding and a wonderful marriage will follow because you've emphasized what's important. And here's the best part, because there will be things you will not do because you did not have a year to plan, you might just wind up saving money. Nobody expects weddings favors at your hurry-up-and-get-married wedding! What they want, and what you want to give them is love and passion and a desire to live your lives in each other's company. Your community wants to support you in those goals!