Planning a Wedding at Home – The Challenges

Planning a wedding at home has a lot of benefits, hence a lot people tend to overlook the negative side of having wedding ceremony at home. Having said that, first of all, it is obvious that you will save a lot of money. There is no cost cutting exercise to go through, no rental of ceremony or reception venue, no bookings of wedding hall to deal with. When it comes to food and beverages aspect, you have the freedom because everything is close by and can easily be monitored. cake cutting fees is non-existence when planning a wedding at home.

You need to remember that planning a wedding at home can go wrong big time if careful attention to safety, strict monitoring and all necessary guidelines is put in place and followed. The first constraint to deal with when planning a wedding at home is the number of guests you house can accommodate; and therefore you need to plan for more toilets facilities. If Statistics of planning a wedding at home is anything to go by, it is said that the comfortable number of wedding attendants per toilet is thirty five.

There are other several important factors to considered when planning a wedding at home. One of those is the ceremony place, where you and your sweetheart will exchange vows. You should make sure your guest are not exposed to sun, hence they will get sun burnt. And also, too much of light ray might ruin your photos. Iam talking from experience here. You better take note. Holding a wedding ceremony at home is not very pleasant as experience has taught me and my lovely wife.

Lastly, l hope you have learn a thing or two from the article. When planning a wedding at home you need to keep in mind of the weather situation. You should be observing the weather and make provision for a tent to guard against sudden downpour of rain. As l have pointed out in this article, planning a wedding at home is not risk free, therefore proper attention should be paid to the safety of the children about their movement to the toilets(they might accidentally block the tap and leave the tap running and every where flooded)and around the swimming pool. Planning a wedding at home is a challenge without doubt and the same time a great joy if all went well.