Planning Your Destination Wedding Made Easy

The wedding industry is a billion dollar industry and as a wedding planner it is important to understand the market and continue to deliver excellent customer service to all my clients. There are some couples that have a small budget and then there are some that have a large budget. Most often, my job is to take on the stress of having to plan a destination wedding for the couple and a reception for all of their guests and loved ones. A couple's wedding day is a special day and most brides and grooms do not want their memories to be filled with planning arrangements, vendor call-backs and endless lists of things to do prior, during and after the ceremony and reception. Destination weddings can take a toll on a couple especially when they are new to the location and are not familiar with the various vendors.

There is a way around paying large amounts to wedding planners that over-charge an exaggerated wedding package and still manage with the 'stress' associated with planning. Of course you do not want to be in a situation of letting a friend who knows someone that knows someone who can get their relative to call the florist who did their cousins' wedding flowers? Confusing right, I know. You want someone professional at the end of the day that can represent you and ensure that all the vendors and services you request will be available and are confirmed and booked. However if you choose to plan your own wedding, here are tips to save you time and money.

Plan early. The early bird always gets the worm and is also the one with little to no stress. There is no such thing as too early. So once you can confirm a possible date, start to call your destination and search for vendors

Purchase a wedding organizer. It really helps to have all your paperwork in one convenient location instead of scattered across the dinner table or your office desk. One that can close or has a seal / zip will ensure that nothing falls out and everything will fit into the neat pockets.

Read messages posted on bridal forums for ideas and testimonials. You will be surprised of the information you can get from other brides-to-be and recently married women. Start a thread asking about the proposed location and watch the responses come in. Be careful with negative responses that can influence your overall decision.

Purchase your own wedding decorations, favors and centerpieces. This can save you a lot of money and you can always resell them or give them to another relative who will get married. Someone is always getting married. But find out the shipping costs associated for cargo if you will be traveling.

Instead of spending money on site fees, sometimes in the thousands because of high claims, choose a location like a home rental that is already near or on the beach and have a cocktail / small reception in the backyard or right there on the beach.

Get your family involved. Someone will like to take pictures, pick fresh flowers, set the tables for the reception, record the ceremony and reception and even help with your make-up. It never hurts to ask.

Lastly, stay motivated. Keep in mind that no one knows how best you want your day other than yourself. If all else fails, contact us at Weddings Eleuthera on the beautiful island of Eleuthera in The Bahamas. We can plan the wedding of your dreams according to your taste, style and theme. We are confident that we can provide all your wedding needs. Eleuthera is definitely the island for your special occasion.