Planning Your Own Wedding is Easier Than You Think!

Now that you and your fiance are engaged to be married, you have a lot of decisions ahead of you. Do not worry though … planning your own wedding is no big deal. You just need to take each choice one at a time, make informed decisions, and be careful not to overspend. Doing so will allow you to plan a beautiful wedding with as little stress added as possible. Below we will take a look at some of the decisions you will face, along with the best ways to approach them.

  • Date and Time – This is one of the first things you should come to a decision on, as most of the other details will revolve around these two. Knowing when you will get married will allow you to appropriately select the location, colors, food, and attire. The most popular month for weddings in June, which may be because of the nice weather available for outdoor weddings. Another common time is Valentine's Day, as it is the day of love. Keep in mind that planning your own wedding around these popular times will make it harder to schedule things like venues, photographers, and caterers. Many people select days that have a special meaning, such as their dating anniversary or their birthday or the birthday of their significant other.
  • Location – This is another of the first decisions engaged couples make concern their wedding. The date will allow you to select a place, as it will give you a bit of a hint of what the weather will be like. If you opt for an outdoor venue, you should always have a back up plan in case it rains. Before choosing the location, you may want to sketch out a guest list in order to choose a spot that is sure to accommodate all your guests. You can assume that 90% of the people you invite will attend, so plan accordingly.
  • Budget – Before you begin to make purchases, you should sit down and look over your budgets. Decide how much you are willing to spend on your wedding, then divide that into sections, such as photography, food, dresses, tuxedos, venue, favors, etc. This breakdown will help prevent overspending. You may want to research local services or decide what you want to do on your own before creating your budget.
  • Bridal Shows – This is not so much of a decision, though you should decide to attend as many in your area as possible. You will find a wealth of information (mostly free) available to you at these fairs, so you would be silly not to take advantage of it! It's also likely that you will meet with many business owners in the area with which you can discuss their rates for their services. Bridal shows are a lifesaver for any bride to be, especially if you are a little unsure on how to begin planning your own wedding.

Planning your own wedding is really an easy feat to conquer, so long as you break it down into segments rather than trying to tackle the experience as a whole. Be sure to properly research each decision before you make it, and it may be too late, or costly, to change your mind later. It's not very necessary to hire a wedding planner, as it will only add to the cost and take away money you could spend on other things.