Practical Wedding Gifts For Parents

Your wedding occasion is also a time for you to show your love and gratitude to your parents. Without both of your parents, the two of you wouldn’t have met and have this wedding. Parents deserve to be acknowledged especially now that you are leaving their nest. Of course, we still love them but a tangible gift is symbol of everything nice you have to say to your parents and to your partner’s parents, too.

These gifts need not be that exquisite or expensive. What matters best is your heart that goes with it and what they can do with your gift. You and your partner can give individual gifts to each of your parents. You can give it during the wedding rehearsal dinner or at the wedding party. Just make sure that the gifts you give are of value because they are practical and you really chose it with all your heart.

Some of the practical wedding gifts you can give to your parents can be based on the following concepts:

1. Memories – Have your favorite childhood picture recopied and framed. Personalize it by adding texts on the photo. Use texts with a personal message such as “Thanks for bringing me to this world!” Pair your picture frame with your partner’s own photo with the same concept but with a different text or message. Someday, your parents would look at your photos and compare it with your own kids.

2. His and Hers – Even when they have been living as one for many years already, they still deserve to have individual items yet will portray their lasting union. Gift each parent with a bathrobe in your wedding motif color. If it is available in a mall, choose one with the stitched on HIS and HERS on each respective bathrobe. If not available, then personally do the stitching.

3. Play music together – This gift would surely come out of its rack when, someday, you and your brood will come to visit your parents. The old folks could listen to their music and you and your spouse could also listen to your own beat. Practically, have each of your parent’s favorite music recorded in a DVD. Include in that disc you and your spouse’s favorite music. Arrange the music by alternating your parent’s music with your music. Then, during get-togethers, everyone can hear his own favorite music as a family.

These practical wedding gifts will surely be of use to your parents. It is one way of showing them they are the best parents after all.