Pros and Cons of an Outdoor Wedding

An outdoor venue has many advantages especially for a couple that does not want to feel restricted by a church wedding. However, an outdoor wedding has lot of issues and it is not for everyone. If you are thinking of an outdoor venue for your event then make sure you have covered all the pros and cons beforehand. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of an outdoor wedding.


While a church wedding can keep your theme to the more conservative ones, an outdoor event will present a myriad of theme opportunities that will make your eyes roll. You can opt for a Hawaiian beach affair or a summer-themed garden ceremony. This brings you to the next advantage of opting for an outdoor celebration, which is the cost

An outdoor wedding can be less expensive than a church event. With a beach or garden location, you can do away with formal attire and settle for a sarong or a sundress. In a church celebration you have to pay for the church, its facilities and the service. No need to pay for this in an outdoor event although you have to talk to your minister if there are contributions or minimal payments you have to make for your outdoors wedding. Definitely, it’s not as expensive as the church fees.

You and your guests would be more comfortable in an outdoor wedding because of the casual atmosphere. A church can sometimes be stiff but an outdoors location allows you to rock and roll. The casual atmosphere means the guests can easily circulate and have a great time.

You need not rent a separate venue for the reception because the venue for your ceremony can be used. Just decorate the place and choose a caterer. Some outdoor venues also provide a package that already includes the reception.


An outdoor event is largely dependent on the weather and since you cannot control the weather, it can present a lot of surprises for you on your wedding day including a free shower for your guests while you exchange “I dos” with your future spouse. However you can minimize the chances of getting soaked by scheduling the event during summertime and coordinating with the weather bureau.

Most Catholic priests do not favor an outdoor wedding so you would have a difficult time convincing your parish priest to officiate your event. But who knows, they might oblige if you are a long-time parishioner. You can also get the services of a minister or public official to officiate the occasion.

An outdoor location can present a lot of issues but if you really want a wedding without the frills and the rigidity that characterizes the more traditional events then consider the pros and cons and if the advantages outweighs the disadvantages for you then go ahead.