Rahul Dev Spotted At Mumbai Airport Wearing A Simple, Classy Outfit

At 52, model-turned-actor, Rahul Dev is still giving young tinsel town stars a run for their money.  

Be it with his ripped physique, his chiselled jawline, his acting chops or for that matter, his super unique style game, the man has done it all and knows exactly how to hit it out of the park with his unparalleled charm.

Rahul Dev Is Acing Airport Fashion At 52© Instagram/Rahul Dev

Recently, Rahul was seen stepping out in a rather functional outfit, with minimal details, that’s pertinent to catch a flight. The relaxed nature of the silhouette, made his look stand out. 

While most of the celebrities tend to take a maximalist approach at the airport either with their OTT sneakers or backpacks, we really like how Rahul decided to turn up, wearing a basic, casual outfit.  

Let’s dissect Rahul’s overall airport look and take some style lessons from here.

Rahul Dev Is Acing Airport Fashion At 52© Viral Bhayani

1. Firstly, let’s talk about his accessories. The fact that he is wearing a neutral-hued baseball cap, is working perfectly with his athleisure outfit. 

Add to that, his white oversized mask here with minimal detailing is simple but classy.

Rahul Dev Is Acing Airport Fashion At 52© Viral Bhayani

2. As for his beard, we really like his sprouted, salt and pepper beard as it’s doing wonders with his outfit. 

The way he has paired a high-collared black Columbia hoodie, over a basic black T-shirt, shows that Dev knows how to play the fashion cards right. 

The combination looks versatile and even though understated, it still strikes a chord with us.

Rahul Dev Is Acing Airport Fashion At 52© Viral Bhayani

3. The fact that he has chosen to wear the hoodie with a pair of black joggers, adds to the minimalism factor of the whole ensemble. 

Joggers look on-point and make a statement, adding to the dressy yet casual vibe of the outfit. Rahul here has summed it up pretty well!

Rahul Dev Is Acing Airport Fashion At 52© Viral Bhayani

4. He is mindful of his sneakers here. The silhouette isn’t very OTT and is working really well with the rest of the outfit. 

The mesh upper of the sneakers with a bit of ankle show is the perfect way to stand out and make a statement, even with such basic yet uber cool outfit.

All in all, the man can make even the most regular outfit, look super fashionable and we appreciate his way of showing us how to not let age compromise your style. 

That’s one heck of a fashion lesson, Dev! 

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Photo: © Viral Bhayani (Main Image)

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