Romancing Your Man

Bringing the romance back into your marriage is going to be a difficult task to master. When you look at what is going on with the economy and on the news all you hear is how many people are getting laid off. So this brings more stress into your marriage, because you have that fear of how safe is your job. So if you have not gotten laid off then you wonder when you will get laid off. We want to bring the romance back into the marriage. We realize that the easy way out is to neglect your love life, but with work and effort you can bring the romance back!

According to Matt Townsend a Relationship Coach he explains that men are simple when it comes to romance.

o Men are visual. They like to see women in Lingerie
o Men prefer action rather than dialogue.
o Men prefer touch over talk. Men need 4 times the touch than women need.
o Men prefer positive talk. So women try not to be so negative, put a smile on your face and be positive so you know that you are pleasing your man.
o Men prefer solutions not problems. Give your man a to do list and once he has finished up a task on his list then reward him with a little play in the bedroom.
o Men prefer solo versus social. Men want to go out with you and not all the friends you have. Now that you man has won you over he does not need to put on a show to win your love, because he has won you over and he now feels comfortable with you.
o Men prefer to relax.
o Men prefer to do one thing rather than multiple things at once. (Let's not take the kids)
o Men prefer simple versus complex.
o Men need choices in their lives.
o Men are not animals we do care we just care differently.
o Men want their women to be patient with them because we care in a different way then women do.

Men feel closer to women with intimate. We're not just sick, twisted, one track minds. We really know that we feel closer to you when we're touching.

o Focus on the Ritual not the Romance.
o Women need to think like a man would and not like a woman.
o Sometimes the need that women need romance will make the man feel uncomfortable.

When it comes to romance with your man think of his relationship between his car, sports, hobby, remote controls or a child it is more about the Ritual then the romance.

Keep it simple! Men do not need much complication. Just by buying is favorite cookie the next time you are at the store is a gesture of love. You do not need to go over the top to prove to him that you still care about him it the little things that matter to your man.

Nothing is more Sexy than a Truly Happy Partner.

o We just want our wives to be happy !!
o Look Happier, Sound Happier and be happy!
o Smile once in a while
o Be grateful for what you have.
o Be positive about your life! Talk about the good in life!
o How blessed are you.
o Be less Critical.
o Make your man life easier and stay positive.
o Reassure him that he is doing a good job.
o Find what he does well. Let him know that his role is to be your protector and that you feel safe with him.
o Accept us men for who we are. Do not try to change us, just let us feel that we are great they way we are.
o Tell your spouse how special he means to you.
o Tell him how much gratitude you have for him. Cuddle with him whenever you can. Always kiss him when he comes home.
o Tell him that you are attracted to him.

Women if you follow the steps above you will see a big change in your marriage and how you look at your husband. When you're bringing the romance back into your marriage women need to think like your man would and keep it simple.