Romantic Gift Ideas – Romantic Gift Ideas To Make Her Smile

Ok guys, listen up…it’s really not hard to give your girl a romantic gift. Especially when you have great ideas up your sleeve! I’ll let you in on a secret, if you take the time to organise a romantic gift or gesture for your girl you will be in the good books whatever it is. It could be as simple as a love note to something more elaborate like a romantic trip away.

Whether it’s a romantic gesture or a romantic gesture and a romantic gift, whatever it is, the effort and intent will have her smiling and singing your praises. We need to remember that more often than not it’s the giving and receiving that gives us butterflies, not what’s in the box. Think of the feeling you get when there is something unexpected delivered or given to you, the mystery, the anticipation, a smile is guaranteed. Whatever it is, make sure it’s about her and not about you. Make it personal for her, tickets to see your favourite sporting team under the guise of a romantic gesture just isn’t going to cut it.

Here are some ideas for you…a gorgeous card with a verse written inside from her favourite song, a whole day dedicated to whatever she wants to do, put your favourite photo of the both of you in a beautiful frame and tell her three things you love about the photo, buy her a precious/semi precious stone with a gift certificate to a jeweller to design herself a piece of jewellery, give her a personal concierge for a week/month, create a website for her, buy her a domain name for her own name, give her a designer key ring with a red key on it telling her it’s the key to your heart, get a poem written about her, buy her an iPod and fill it with her favourite music, if you have a favourite sport get her a team jumper with her name on it and favourite number, get her tickets to a show that you would never choose to go to. There are so many ideas, a little imagination goes a long way.

Remember it’s not about how expensive the gesture or gift is, it’s about making it personal to her and actually doing something. More often than not we have great intentions but don’t take action. Actions speak louder than words so make the effort and you’ll be guaranteed to make her smile.