Seduce Women With Your Words

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. With women it’s through their ears. With a carefully selected choice of words you can successfully seduce any woman you want, no matter how you look or what you earn.

Embedded Commands

An embedded command is an NLP technique that is used to persuade somebody to feel a certain way. As you read that sentence I’m sure you already realised how useful that could be while trying to seduce a woman.

The idea is that you slip certain commands into your dialogue whilst talking to the woman you are interested in. Done right this is so smooth and fluid that she will never notice, however she will subconscious pick up on these embedded commands and they will take the desired effect. It’s simply the power of suggestion.

For example lets say you are talking to a woman about pets, you could say something like, “When I was a kid we got a pet (whatever animal you want) and she could be very affectionate towards me”. It is important to be covert about these commands, don’t force one if it doesn’t fit.

Tone of voice is key here. A command is spoken with a downward inflection, this shows conviction. It also registers on a deep level whereas whilst you are talking to the woman she won’t consciously notice this slight change of inflection.

Have Interesting Anecdotes Ready

Even if you’ve led a relatively mundane life you probably have a couple of interesting stories tucked away somewhere. If not make them up. Anecdotes provide you with an excellent opportunity to slip in embedded commands. If you are truly committed to becoming a master of seduction then you might even consider writing out a small script (including embedded commands) for yourself containing an interested anecdote. Keep it short and end it on a high point.

Listen and Ask Questions

A conversation is a two way thing. Asking questions to a woman about her life will give you further topics of conversation to pursue. Follow up questions will also show that you are both listening and interested in what she has to say.

If, at some point, the woman asks you if what she did in a certain situation was the best thing to do always say that she chose the right option. This provides her with an ego boost plus it affirms her decision making skills. If she is asking your opinion about something she is almost certainly considering you as a partner, affirming her decision making skills will make her feel like she is making the right choice.


Seduction techniques take practice to perfect. There are a few ways you can practice before taking your skills out into a “live environment”. One is to talk to yourself in the mirror. Practice your delivery and mannerisms until they look completely natural, this will also boost your confidence levels. Another similar method is to speak into a dictaphone and then listen back to it. Repeat this over and over, ironing out mistakes and missteps as you go.

The real practice though can be found in bars, libraries, shops and wherever else you see a woman you are attracted to. For some men things click into place instantly once they have their game down. For others it might take a few run-throughs to get it right.

Whatever happens stick with it and evolve your plan. You will find certain stories and commands have higher success rates than other. Keep these and rework the others until your technique is so good that you can seduce any woman.