Self-Defense For Women

Self defense is quite important nowdays with the increasing crime levels. Women are more likely to become victims of abuse and for that reason self defense for women is something anyone should learn.

May women thing self defense include complicated martial arts techniques that require many years of training and practice. In fact there martial arts really help when defense is needed however there are more simpler techniques that can be applied.

Joining a self defense for women class will teach you how to act and react in dangerous situations. You will learn which are the weak points of the attacker and how take advantage of them. Moreover you will learn some specific moves hat can help you push back the attacker and let you escape.

Self defense classes are a great thing. On the other hand there are more things that every woman has to remember. The first thing is to try to avoid potentially dangerous situations and how to react if something bad happens.

Many women put themselves at risk without even realizing it. For example passing to dark areas, being at places where there are no other people are potentially dangerous. Any woman should carefully choose her route and pickup routes that are well lit, open, and in possible, where there are a lot of people. Moreover looking confident all the time can save you as the attackers would rather attack someone who looks scared and unconfident.

If you feel someone is watching you than be alert. Rely on your instinct as it can save you. Attackers usually watch or follow the victim for certain period of time and than attack. If you feel you are watched or followed immediately try to go to a place where many people are.

If you are being attacked try to keep calm. Panic will only make things worse. Moreover if you are attacked fighting back is not always the best choice. Do not forget that the one who attacks is prepared to be attacked too. Always try to escape first.

If you see that the escape is not possible try to turn the situation in your favor. For example if you are being robbed give your money to the robber and than escape. Of course agreeing with the attacker is not always working so in this case you will have to be prepared to fight back.

Being self confident, not losing your temper and knowing some basic self defense techniques are vital. Take action and join a self defense for women class as soon as possible.