Sex Tips For Your Wedding Night

Turn your honeymoon into a honeymoan! It’s easy if you remember the old adage: “Expect nothing and you won’t be disappointed!” If you and your husband-to-be are non-drinkers, this is a no brainer. You’ll probably have plenty of energy to enjoy your wedding night after celebrating at the reception. However – most brides and grooms do drink alcohol at their wedding reception and as you can imagine… this can be a recipe for disaster if you are planning on a night filled with unspeakable love making.

Take the pressure off! If you are going to drink at your wedding reception then don’t expect to consummate your wedding the same night. Let your partner know that you don’t expect any lovemaking on your wedding night… but watch our for the next morning! Ah yes – the next morning. It’s probably the best time to consummate the marriage. Both you and your partner (barring any hangovers) will be much more fresh and capable of having sex the right way. What’s the right way? It’s your way! If you’ve already made love to your new wife or husband then you already know what pleases them.

If however you are going to make love for the first time then we have some helpful tips. The first tip is wait till the next morning. Wake up with no firm plans to do anything except enjoy each others company. Don’t expect the new bride to do a thing! Order breakfast sent to your room and don’t forget the pancakes, syrup, chocolate and strawberries! Awake at your pleasure and if you’re inclined – take a nice long hot shower together. Soap each other up and don’t leave a spot untouched. By the time your morning shower is over you will both be in the mood for love.

Don’t eat a boring breakfast. Eat it off each other! Create a symphony of pleasure with your favorite music – pancake syrup and your naked bodies. Always play music when making love. It sets the tone for unbelievable romance. Finally – if your new bride is willing, then use a vibrator to enhance her experience. Vibrators should not be looked at as a replacement for your manhood. Having said that… never buy a vibrator that is bigger then your own member! And a word to the new bride… if you already love vibrators then once again… don’t make your new husband feel inadequate by whipping out a vibrator that makes him feel like a school boy that just got out of a cold swimming pool.

Sex toys not only enhance the sexual experience, but using them can also create some hilarious moments you’ll remember for a lifetime. Remember – don’t ever look or feel serious or anxious when you are about to make love. Having great sex is all about having fun. If your not having fun… then you’re not doing it right.

No pressure… if it feels right to the both of you – then it IS right. Have fun and don’t expect anything from your partner and you will never be disappointed. Enter each sexual experience with the thought of pleasing your partner – not yourself.