Shopping Bracelets for Women 

Simple, urbane, classic and timeless are just some of the few terms women who know their jewelry have described silver accessories. Everything a woman chooses to wear describes who she is, what she believes she is. So for a simple piece like a silver bracelet, every woman will have a reason for why she favors that particular color, design or size.

If you are here silver must have an appeal to who you are and getting the right silver bracelet for women is important. For those looking to buy a gift for a special person, whether your mother, sister, girlfriend or wife, you will need tips to find the right silver bracelet.

While you can buy a silver bracelet for women to add to your collection of other material bracelets such as gold or rose gold, it is important to think about what each design symbolizes. 

Before we spill the tips of how to get your bracelet choices in sync with personality and other intricate details, let us look at the basics:

Finding the Right Fit

Similar to selecting clothes finding silver bracelets for women is a process that needs time, and where possible fittings and adjustments. Unlike fitting clothes, which takes more time and effort, you do not need a dressing room. Here are some of the things you will need to consider;

Wrist Size

It may have happened to you or you heard a story about someone getting a ring, bracelet, or watch too big or too small. The horror of investing in a beautiful silver bracelet for women that ends up been the wrong size for you should be why, before shopping you need to know the size of the wrist.

Simply measure your wrist by using your thumb and index finger. Hold out one hand and cross the two fingers over your wrist, if they fit just right, medium or large may fit you well, if there is space left where your fingers meet, a small or medium may be the choice for you while if the fingers do not meet at all, you make a better choice picking a large or bigger bracelet size.

Wrist Fit

You may be wondering what the difference is between fit and size above and as much as they could mean the same thing, fit simply checks whether the bracelet sits well on your wrist and completes your style. Fit refers to what everyone else will see when they look at your accessories in relation to your style and body frame.  

Chunky and large are best for large frames while smaller wrists look best with slender designs. If your intention is to make your wrist appear smaller or larger, swap the choices for the opposite. For example, if you have small wrists you could swap from stringed designs to the chunkier chain linked designs.

Bracelet Designs and your Personal Style

With many designer shops offering to sell you different designs of silver bracelets for women, understanding how each could build or suit your current style is important. If you are buying a gift consider what she likes before buying. 

Chain Designs

Chain links, integrated locks, simple delicate sliver sterling bracelets are considered unfeminine and rather boring by most. However, if you are looking to look timeless and luxurious yet approachable, these pieces are what you should add to your collection.

Precious Stone Designs

Jewelry pieces with precious stones such as the moonstone have long been considered hippy which should be one reason why you should buy this design. They are also an easy way to connect to the old ages or as birthday gift symbolizing their birthstone. You could pick the chunkier size or the more spaced one with silver chain parts depending on your style. 

Season-oriented Designs

Like clothing, silver bracelets for women are also designed to flow with seasons. Be on the lookout for beautiful pieces designed for the season such as the springtime daisy silver bracelet for women.


These tips should help you decide what you need to pick when shopping, especially when you do not have the comfort of physically testing the fit before purchase. Switch up your accessories or gift her with the timeless silver bracelet for women.