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If you’re tired of kneeling to lace up your shoes or forcing guests to squat while they’re removing their footwear, it might be time for an entryway bench.

A good bench is more than just a place to sit while you put on shoes and boots, said Amber Lewis, an interior designer based in Calabasas, Calif., and the author of the book “Made for Living” — it can also add some style to your home.

“It should be a really standout piece,” Ms. Lewis said, because it will be front and center every time you step through the door. “I look for things that have an interesting shape, or an interesting leg or back.”

And sometimes she adds color or pattern with textiles, she said, to make a plain bench more inviting. “If you get a wood bench, you can create a really beautiful patterned seat pad or cushion,” she said. “Or simply use pillows.”

Powder-coated steel bench with upholstered top by Steffensen & Würtz for Wendelbo

From $264 at Danish Design Store: 866-261-8828 or

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