Simple and Effective Ideas For a Spring Wedding

Spring is a great time to get married as it generally represents a new beginning. For this reason, many couples feel that having their wedding day in the springtime will bring them good luck. If you are thinking of having a spring wedding there are a few things you should consider to make sure everything goes down as planned.

While late springtime is a popular time to get married, spring in general does not share the kind of popularity that summer and fall season do. For this reason, you will likely get much better rates for wedding venues and vendors.

Spring is a great time to have a wedding if you are Christian. During your planning why not try to arrange a wedding near Easter and take advantage of the fact that your church will probably already be heavily decorated for Easter ceremonies? This will reduce the amount of decorations you will need to provide for yourselves.

One particular theme that springs to mind when most people think of spring is flowers. Springtime is great for floral blooms so try to incorporate as many as you can into your wedding. Flowers make for a great wedding atmosphere; they are not only great looking but can provide a striking fragrance too.

The weather around spring can sometimes be quite unpredictable. Make sure that your wedding attire is quite flexible so that you can either wrap up if it is a little bit chilly or strip off, not totally, if the weather is too warm. This goes for your dress too. You may want to choose a dress that matches well with a wrap or even a jacket in case it gets too cold.

A great way to carry your spring theme into your wedding reception is through the food that you choose to serve. Think of menus that really typify the season. A great example is something with lots of vegetables and new potatoes as a side. Strawberries have long been a regular feature of a lot of desserts served at springtime.

Finally, another way to convey the season of spring into your reception is through your wedding favors. Going back to the essence of spring is a classic way to convey the season through your favors. New growth can be translated to your guests by giving seed packets, bulbs, or small plants as favors. Alternatively you could really treat your guests by giving an edible favor like an Easter egg.