Single Russian Women Wedding Ceremony

Russian ladies are not like women in the US. Russia has different traditions and wedding is part of that tradition. A wedding plays an important part in Russian society and the ceremony usually unites all family members, most friends and sometimes even friends of friends. Surely, Russian women love getting married and they prefer to get married only once. When it comes to a wedding ceremony, the relationship itself becomes secondary. During the preparation process it is important to make the wedding an unforgettable event. This is an opportunity to show how good your partnership is, how serious you are about your relationship and a good wedding is often seen as a sign of good financial standing.

At the same time the preparation process is less formal comparing to US. Russians rarely plan weddings 1-2 years in advance. They do not strive to be original. It is a standard practice to hire a host who takes care of the wedding ceremony and makes sure all guests are being entertained. Sufficient amounts of food and drink are pivotal in achieving this objective. Tables are overwhelmed with food. The more food you have on the table the better impression you are likely to make. The dress code is very strict: it has to be formal for the bride and groom and close friends and relatives. This rule is less important for the distant relatives who are allowed a more casual style.

In Russia single Russian women do not pick gifts which they prefer their necessities to buy for them, as they do in the US. There is no set standard at what should be given as a gift. Money typically makes a perfect gift and is presented in an envelope. All envelopes are gathered at the beginning of the ceremony and are opened only after the wedding celebration is over. There are certain gifts which are considered to be inappropriate; These include a watch (a sign of break-up) and knife (bad luck). If a knife is given as a present (as a special gift), the bride and groom would give a small amount of money in return so as to make the present a symbolic purchase and avoid the superstition.

Whatever plans you may have in terms of your anticipated wedding, being a man you can relax as your future wife is likely to take the initiative and do all the planning and re-planning for both of you. Your major role is to provide the funding for all these ideas. But then, most of us do not get married that often and investing in a wedding ceremony when you are in love with a beautiful Russian woman should be a pleasant experience.

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