Spa Gifts Differentiate Your Spa

Women have many choices when selecting a spa. There are a number of salons offering spa services and full service luxury spas are expanding into many US cities. A way to differentiate your spa is to offer a special gift with each service or as an add on to a relaxation package. The perfect selection of spa gifts will remind women of the great experience she had at your spa.

The International Spa Association reported in 2003 that there were approximately 12,000 spas in the United States which generated $ 11.2 billion dollars in revenue, up from $ 5 billion dollars in 1999. Over 45 million Americans visit spas annually, with 77% of those clients being women.

With so much competition in the spa and salon marketplace, differentiation is key. Women are no longer just seeking a pampering and relaxing experience, they are seeking wellness benefits as well. Many spas have reacted to this trend by highlighting their services and wellness benefits. Many spas are offering more medically inspired services. While this trend has been helpful in getting more people to seek the services at a spa, the relaxation and pampering component of the experience has been lost in the process. While it is true that many services at a spa, do have wellness attributes, one of the best benefits of a spa visit is the sense pampering and relaxation which each service can provide.

The quiet, lush and luscious surroundings, with soft colors and music can build a sense of calm. The attentive and knowledgeable salon and spa professions will make the experience truly wonderful and keep clients coming back for more. In the past, these were the keys to success. Now with so many more choices in the market place, spas will need to do more than offer a relaxed environment and superior spa services. In today's market place, offering each client a gift with each visit is not only a great marketing strategy it is a way to truly set the experience apart. The size and nature of the spa gifts should fit the size and nature of the service (s) provided. If a client books a full or half day package, consider offering them a basket of trial size lotions, scrubs and other products, which were used during their visit. Then at home, she can experience the smell and feel of her day at the spa all over again. Another idea, is to offer a plush robe, which she can wear during or in between her treatments and then take home with her. Every time she slips on the robe, she will be reminded of her peaceful and relaxing visit to your spa.

Another choice is to offer a basket filled with candles, which are the signature scent of the spa. The fragrance should be subtle, but relaxing. When she burns the candles at home, she will be reminded of her trip to your spa. Each spa gift can be tailor in size and service the client has received, but regardless of size it is a way to keep your spa and the wonderful experience she received during her visit in the forefront of her mind, so that when she longs for relaxation and pampering, she will immediately think of your spa.