Speeches For Best Man – Do not Let The Bride And Groom Down!

So you have been asked to be Best Man by your best buddy for his forthcoming wedding, congratulations! It is a real honor to be asked and you realize how much you really mean to your friend.

Once the initial shock is over though, you realize that not only is there a lot of organizing to do (stag night, getting groom to church on time and in a fit state!) And a lot of responsibility (do not lose those rings !) but you have to prepare and deliver one of the most important parts of the wedding ceremony, particularly the Best Man's speech.

Now speaking in public comes naturally to some people but to others, just the thought of standing up in public terrifies them. Not only that, but the contents of the speech must be strong, amusing and relevant. You must keep the attention of the audience, mildly embarrass your best buddy with "tales of the old days" (but do not overdo it) and make sure that people understand that he only has eyes for one girl, and that he is sat right next to her!

The only way to conquer your nerves is to plan what you are going to say and write (and fine tune) your speech well in advance. Once you are happy that the content and length are correct you must practice, practice and more practice.

Start by reading paper and on your own and as you slowly start to memorize the words, you must add personality and tone to your delivery. Stand in front of a mirror and recite the speech to yourself.

Once you have practiced and know the words back to front it's time to invite a small and trusted selection of friends (not the groom obviously!) And do a special recital for them. Ask for criticism (both good and bad) and take on board the comments you get. Maybe you could involve them in editing a few phrases here and there, although I'm sure that with the preparation and work that you have done it will not need too much changing!

Fine tune and perfect your lines and make sure you remember every word. If you are not having to refer to notes then it will make the delivery less nerve-wracking.

A perfectly crafted best man's speech will not only give you more credibility but will see your friend and his bride on the way to a long and happy married life, remember the wedding day is often regarded as the most important day in a women's life so do your best to make sure it is just that!