SPF Clothing and the Difference it Makes

SPF clothing may not be the first thought that pops into your mind when going outside. Unbeknownst to you, the risks of contracting sun damage increases with every exposure to the sun’s harmful rays, regardless if it is winter or summer. In time, the damage will accumulate, which can lead to health complications like skin cancer.

Sun and Its Penetrative Properties

You may be in the shade of trees but the sun’s power is such that it can still damage your skin in so many ways. Surfaces like the pavement or the water can reflect back the sun’s rays into your eyes and skin albeit in a smaller degree – about 10 percent less, that is. But the fact remains that your body is still subject to the sun’s penetrative properties especially when you are not wearing the right kinds of SPF clothing.

You can just imagine the damage that the sun can do on your skin when you are directly exposed to it. Even when you think that you have sun protection because you are covered up, studies have pointed that such complacency is dangerous. Lightweight summer outfits like the typical cotton shirt permit 50 percent of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays into the skin when dry, which can decrease in protection to as little as 10 percent when wet.

With UV clothing, fortunately, you are more protected from the sun regardless if the fabric is dry or wet. This is also true when you are in the shade or out in the sun, which makes all the difference in the world where your health is concerned.

Sun Protection Clothing and Its UPF

UPF clothing and SPF clothing are often interchangeably used with little loss of meaning. Strictly speaking, nonetheless, SPF refers to the sun protection factor found in sunscreens and sunblocks while UPF stands for ultraviolet protection factor as applied to fabric.

So, when sun protection clothing has a UPF of 50, it means that only 1/50th of the ultraviolet rays can pass through to the skin. You will then have significant protection from ultraviolet rays as only 2 percent can affect your skin, which means that you have lower risks for skin cancer. This is with the assumption, of course, that all other measures like using sunscreen and sunglasses have been adopted along with the UV protection clothes.

Big Difference Sun Protection Clothing Makes

By now, you should be able to think for yourself the big difference that UV protection clothing has on your health. For one thing, your risks for absorbing the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays are significantly lessened.

In the short-term period, you will be able to avoid blistering sunburns, leathery skin and other signs of sun damage. More importantly, in the long-term period, you can avoid the health complications that come with skin cancer.

For another thing, you are actually reducing the costs of living and loving under the warm heat of the sun. With UV protective clothing, your health costs for the treatment of the various diseases associated with overexposure to the sun will become lesser.

If there is any kind of investment that you must make, then it must be SPF clothing. It will make a big impact on your life now and in the days after – truly, an investment worth making.