Spring & Garden Wedding Favors – Celebrating Life and Love

Spring is a one of the most popular times for a wedding, and it's easy to understand why. The time when the world comes alive is exactly right for a beginning to a life together. The fragrance of the newly bloomed flowers and the vitality of new life all around provides a perfect backdrop to a marriage ceremony that is the dawn of a new day. Springtime weddings often mean garden weddings, for what is more symbolic of the season than the earth coming to life in the form of a beautiful garden?

When planning a spring wedding, it's important to bring the feeling of springtime into all the details of the ceremony and reception. Spring themed favors for guests can come in a plethora of varieties, each fresh and new and keeping the spirit of the season. Garden wedding favors can be particularly fun and inspiring as a small detail that helps to bring your special event together to fit your chosen theme.

Picking out the best-suited wedding favors for your guests is more important than many people realize. These small gifts are a communication of appreciation and tenderness from the couple to their friends and family who have joined them for their special day. Spring wedding favors and garden wedding favors can be wonderful gifts for guests at the marriage ceremonies, as they pass along a flavor of the springtime and a blessing that new things come alive and grow in everyone's lives. The symbolism of the season can be transported in the smallest token, making garden wedding favors a wonderful choice for those who have a spring themed marriage or wish to pass on a note of inspiration and hope to their guests.

Spring wedding favors may often involve flowers. Fresh blooms are the signature of the time of year, and any kind of garden wedding favors may very easily be ripe with fresh blossoms. Some may choose a full blossom theme for their favors, while others might stick with unhatched flower buds full of promise. Yet flowers are not the only signal of the time of year. This is the season of birth, and baby birds and other creatures also represent the glory of springtime quite well. Whether one opts for blossoms, buds, birds or butterflies the flavor of springtime is so delicious and the colors so vibrant that spring wedding favors must brighten the hearts of all the guests.

Incorporating these themes into spring and garden wedding favors that are useful and entertaining is an easy trick and really can add some spark to any wedding celebration. Garden or spring themed gifts can take many different shapes, from attractive candles or notebooks to candies or decorative boxes. With such a large variety of suitable party gifts for guests, it can be easy to find something fun and inspiring in any price range.

Some favor ideas for guests may be quite fun and light-spirited, which can be a breath of fresh air for some weddings, while others may take a more formal approach to fit in with the theme of a more traditional elaborate funeral. Whatever the style of the nuptial ceremony, garden themed gifts can adapt with different styles and colors to fit the rest of the wedding details. The versatility of party favors with a garden theme makes them a perfect accompaniment for a spring marriage ceremony as well as a pleasant token of appreciation for friends and family.