Study finds which Disney princess has the most expensive jewelry

When you wish upon a star, hopefully you’ll get jewels as lavish as these.

In a new study called “Kingdom of Jewels,” U.K.-based financial advisory company worked in collaboration with David Allen of Purely Diamonds to conclude how much the jewelry of each Disney princess would cost in real-life cash. The study took a look at each piece owned by every princess starting with the 1937 film “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.”

So, who has the most expensive bling of them all?

That honor goes to Queen Elsa from the 2013 hit film “Frozen,” whose scepter, tiara and orb were theorized to be made of gold and 20-carat sapphires in order to calculate the combined value. Based upon these estimations, the total cost of all three came out to $800,000.

Queen Elsa’s sister, Anna, comes in at second. Her tiara and necklace come out to a combined total of $230,000.

We’re sure both Elsa and Anna wouldn’t let those items go any time soon.

Other Disney princesses included on the list were Cinderella—whose earrings and glass slippers amounted to $55,000 altogether—as well as Ariel from “The Little Mermaid,” whose seashell bra and earrings were estimated to cost $750.

CInderella's jewels

Cinderella’s glass slippers and pearl earrings were estimated at a combined value of $55,000. (graphic courtesy of

Even Snow White’s red velvet headband was pricier than anything found at Urban Outfitters, coming to a total of $85.

Another princess added to the list actually took the crown over Elsa’s jewelry, although she’s technically not an original Disney princess (the rights to her film were purchased by the company in 2019). The tiara of Anastasia—the animated character based on the historical lost Romanov—was estimated to have a total value of over $5 million.

The rest of us, it would seem, are stuck with Kay Jewelers.

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