This is what the Air Force can do to recruit and retain women cyber warriors

While the United States Air Force understands that it has a problem attracting, recruiting, and retaining successful cyberspace operations officers, a corollary, albeit unrealized or discounted problem looms regarding attracting, recruiting and retaining women cyber officers.

The Air Force 17X Specialty Code referencing cyber is subdivided into 17D and 17S. A 17D serves by “designing, building, configuring, securing, operating, maintaining and sustaining” the Department of Defense Information Network. A 17S Cyberwarfare officer is responsible for offensive cyber operations (OCO) or defensive cyber operations (DCO). Those positions are often seen as more desirable due to advanced training opportunities.

Recent studies evidence that public-private competition for cyber specialists is fierce, potentially leading to a USAF cyber personnel shortage similar to the pilot shortage, a shortage national security cannot afford. According to the IDEAS database, the USAF officer corps is 18 percent women and the overarching 17X Cyberspace Operations career field 14 percent women. However, the 17S Cyberwarfare career field, is only 8.3 percent women. The majority of women in cyber are 17Ds, performing jobs like network administration and network operations. The underrepresentation of women in the 17S career field requires Air Force acknowledgement as a problem and a plan with actionable items toward their recruitment and retention.

Including women in all aspects of national security is essential for a comprehensive perspective of the security environment. A study from 2018, for example, indicated women’s participation in peace negotiations correlated with increased durability and quality of peace. In cyberwar, specifically considerations regarding whether to target water, electrical, and nuclear facilities, women can provide a uniquely gendered perspective of unintended consequences on civilian populations.

Barriers to women in national security fields are both structural — stemming from law and policy — and cultural. Though the last legal hurdles to women serving in military positions were removed in 2013, cultural hurdles remain. As in e-sports and gaming industries, the cyber community has been largely a male-dominated field, with accompanying cultural biases. Because of the predominance of men in the Air Force and in the cyberwar corps, what it means to be an airman and what it means to be a cyber warrior has been informed by what it means to be a man.

Cyberwarfare stands at the nexus of tech and military culture. Cyber units cater to the nerd-culture and can inadvertently ostracize people with different interests. Outstanding performance in my last squadron was rewarded by the unit renting a video-game bus for a day. Leadership often went overboard emphasizing nerdy preferences and discounting others.

Both explicit and implicit biases against women remain in the USAF generally and the cyber community specifically. Studies have shown, for example, Air Force policies as largely unsupportive of women wanting to start families. Policies and practices also remain supporting implicit bias, such as including photos, names and race in application packages. Additionally, the current laissez-faire attitude towards mentorship primarily leads to men mentoring men.

Overall, there are fewer women cyber warriors because the Air Force is not making an effort.

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Holiday coupon: save $120 to $150 on these upgraded M1 MacBook Air laptops

The best MacBook Air deals are available exclusively at AppleInsider where readers can save $120 to $150 instantly on upgraded models with coupon.

Cyber Week deals

The exclusive MacBook Air discounts are courtesy of Apple Authorized Reseller Adorama when you shop through this special pricing link and enter promo code APINSIDER during checkout. With the coupon, holiday shoppers can save anywhere from $120 to $150 on the popular configurations highlighted below, including those with 16GB of memory and/or extra storage.

At press time, custom M1 MacBook Air orders are backordered for three to five weeks at Apple directly, and four to five weeks when ordered from Apple Authorized Resellers. For these build-to-order (BTO) configurations, your Adorama order will be shipped to you from Apple on a first come, first served basis — just with bonus savings.

M1 MacBook Air promo code deals

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The Best Air Fryer Cyber Monday Deal 2020: Philips Air Fryer Is $100 Off

Want more Cyber Monday intel? Head over here to see the best deals on the appliances and kitchen tools that have won our product tests.

Instant Pots, Le Creuset Dutch ovens, and the Our Place Always Pan: What do these Cyber Monday deals have in common? They’re all the key to cozy winter stews and braises. But sometimes you need some crunch. Enter the Philips Air Fryer TurboStar XXL, which is more than $100 off right now, making it one of the best air fryer Cyber Monday deals out there.

At Epicurious, we’ve long been skeptical about air fryers. And we were right to be. First of all, there’s no such thing, technically, as an air fryer. The name is a marketing label. The ever-expanding list of kitchen tools on the market that claim to “air fry” (a.k.a. fry food with air and not oil) are really just countertop convection ovens.

It’s true that convection ovens, which circulate hot air within the chamber of your oven, cook foods faster and more evenly. It’s true that this air circulation can help give you fantastically crispy-skinned chicken thighs, chickpeas, and potatoes. It is not true that you can make dishes you’d typically deep-fry, like dredged fried chicken, in an air fryer and expect the same results.

So, free yourself of the name! When you begin to think of the air fryer as simply a countertop convection oven (and manage any expectations you might have about it producing “healthy” versions of fried food), it becomes a useful tool. We know several professional bakers who love using the air fryer as a small-batch baking oven. We’ve talked to a cookbook author who thinks that air fryers are a superior tool for cooking crispy roasted vegetables. 

If you routinely cook dinner for one or two and want to avoid turning on your oven to save energy (or to keep your kitchen cool in the summer), an air fryer is perfect for you. If you have an unreliable oven in a rental home? The best air fryer is a good work-around. 

We tested a number of air fryers on the market last year, and the Philips Air Fryer TurboStar XXL won our test.

Image may contain: Appliance

CYBER MONDAY DEAL: Philips TurboStar Airfryer XXL

What makes the Philips Air Fryer (and this Cyber Monday deal) so special?

Our product tester was skeptical of the Philips TurboStar at first because of its high price tag—it usually sells for $400—but it beat out every other model in the test by a landslide when it came to preparing larger batches of food. A pound and a half of sweet potato fries came out light and crunchy without any of the charred bits that the competing machines churned out. Our tester also found it to have the most intuitive dial and attractive design of the bunch.

The Philips Air Fryer doesn’t need any time to preheat, but it does have a “keep warm” setting, so if you walk away from it, you don’t have

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Air Canada Launches Unique Holiday Campaign Celebrating The Gift Of Travel

Air Canada just launched the Gift of Travel, an integrated initiative that pays homage to the actions of community heroes who are making a memorable impact when helping their fellow Canadians during Covid-19. The program focuses on hope and optimism to raise funds and Aeroplan points for Canadian charitable organizations and it also offers people dreaming of travel a new flexible travel pass product.

 “Canadians from across the country have shown remarkable resilience, solidarity and generosity in the face of COVID-19 and we were inspired hearing stories of people who dedicated their time and energy to caring for others, making a memorable impact on other people’s lives. We are proud to launch this campaign with our Gift of Travel video featuring heartwarming stories of community heroes and share the gift of travel through a message of hope and optimism from our employees as we all look forward to brighter days ahead,” said Arielle Meloul-Wechsler, Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources and Communications Officer at Air Canada. “We are also proud to continue our long-standing effort through the Air Canada Foundation in supporting communities through its inaugural Gift of Travel auction and the annual Aeroplan Matching Campaign.” 

The Gift of Travel campaign also features stories on Air Canada’s social media platforms that center on the inspirational work Air Canada employees are doing to make a difference in their own communities. 

Gift of Travel Auction

On December 1, 2020 the Air Canada Foundation will launch its first ever online Gift of Travel Auction. The auction will feature an array of more than a hundred unique aviation items, such as special travel-related experiences, including the opportunity to own pieces of aviation history and the chance to fly on an aircraft simulator. Other auction items include an incredible kids’ ride-on airplane and a private dinner with one of Air Canada’s celebrated Canadian Chefs.

One hundred percent of the proceeds from the Gift of Travel Auction will be distributed by the Air Canada Foundation to Canadian charitable organizations that are focused on the health and wellness of children and youth.

Matching Campaign Week

In addition to the Gift of Travel Auction, the annual Aeroplan Matching Campaign week supporting the Air Canada Foundation Hospital Transportation Program also returns. The campaign allows Aeroplan members to give the gift of health by connecting sick children to the medical care they need away from home.

From December 7 to December 13, 2020, members who donate Aeroplan points to the Air Canada Foundation Hospital Transportation Program will double the impact of their contribution with all donated points matched up to 500,000 points. You can read more about the Gift of Travel initiative on the Air Canada website.

The Air Canada Foundation is a

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Lucid launches configurator for its base model Air, known as Pure


Your base model Lucid Air Pure will look mostly like this, but with much smaller wheels, one interior color and a metal, windowless roof.

Lucid Motors

Lucid is at it again with the launch of the configurator for its most affordable model, now known as the Lucid Air Pure. The price still starts at a Model S-like $69,900 (including federal tax credit) and while it lacks its bigger, vastly more expensive sibling’s power and range, it’s still looking like a pretty compelling package if you’re willing to give up some choice and maybe some tech.

So, what exactly do you get for your $70,000-ish dollars when you buy a Lucid Air? To start, you get a rear-wheel drive platform — all-wheel drive is optional — with a motor that produces a claimed 480 horsepower. The Pure’s maximum range is estimated at 409 miles. You also get a metal roof rather than glass and standard 19-inch wheels and an interior in Lucid’s Mojave (read: black) interior scheme. If you’re feeling spicy, you can opt for all-weather floormats.

Interestingly, Lucid’s DreamDrive ADAS suite doesn’t appear to be available on the Pure model, though it remains optional on the next step up the trim ladder. Whether this is a deficiency in the configurator or actually the case isn’t clear. We reached out to Lucid for clarification but didn’t hear back in time for publication.

Annoyingly, Lucid’s configurator still doesn’t list options pricing, so it’s unclear how much you can expect to pay for all-wheel drive, 20-inch wheels or those all-weather floor mats. Hopefully, that aspect gets updated soon because a base price only tells part of the story.

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2021 Lucid Air vs. Tesla Model S: EVs go head-to-head


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