Patrick Mahomes Shows Off 1 of His Very Colorful New Accessories With a Jaw-Dropping Price Tag

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has arguably had the best 2020 of anyone on planet Earth. After leading his team to a Super Bowl victory in February, Mahomes signed the biggest contract in sports history. He’s also made some major announcements about his personal life with his girlfriend, Brittany Matthews. Life is so good for Mahomes that he treated himself to a new accessory that has a jaw-dropping price tag.

Patrick Mahomes
Kansas City Chiefs star QB Patrick Mahomes | Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Patrick Mahomes signed a $503 million contract

After leading the Chiefs to their first Super Bowl victory in 50 years, Mahomes signed a 10-year contract extension worth $503 million. According to, the deal included $477 million of guarantees plus another $25 million in potential bonuses.

Mahomes is the first athlete in history to sign a half-billion dollar contract. He is also the first NFL player to be the highest-paid athlete in the sports world.

“I’ve had the privilege of coaching a lot of incredible athletes and special people in my career, and Patrick is without question on that list of players.” Chiefs head coach Andy Reid said in a statement. “The best part is he’s still early in his career. He’s a natural leader and always grinding, whether that’s on the field, in the weight room or watching film, he wants to be the best.”

The long-term contract comes on the heels of Mahomes and Matthews purchasing their first home in Kansas City. It appears the Texas natives and high school sweethearts are setting down roots in the midwest.

A wedding and a baby are coming soon

On the same day that Mahomes received his Super Bowl ring from the Kansas City Chiefs, the 25-year-old offered up another piece of jewelry to Matthews. Mahomes proposed to Matthews in a luxury suite at Arrowhead Stadium, and the couple documented the event on Instagram.

Matthews posted pics that featured the luxury suit decorated in white roses and a lighted sign that read, “Will you marry me?” The fitness trainer and former soccer player also showed off her diamond engagement ring.

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A few weeks later, the couple had more news to share. Mahomes and Matthews revealed that they were expecting their first child. They both shared the news on their Instagram pages by showing off a sonogram pic.

Later, the couple revealed that they are expecting a baby girl. Both Mahomes and Matthews posted pics and videos of their gender reveal that featured their two dogs, Steel and Silver.

Patrick Mahomes loves high-priced accessories

After signing a half-billion dollar contract, Mahomes purchased a share of the Kansas City Royals, and he also tricked out his new $2 million home with a special room for his massive 180-pair shoe collection.

Mahomes also dropped some serious cash for a special Rolex watch. According to GQ magazine, cameras recently spotted the

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Ultra-Popular Instagram Fashion Influencer Is Passionate About Colorful Fashion

Los Angeles, USA, Nov. 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — If there’s one thing you should know about the ultra-popular Instagram fashion influencer Lena, it’s that she adores bold colors.Today Ascend Agency is going to cover Lena who loves the way those vibrant blues, yellows, and other colors make her feel. Lena has had a longstanding relationship with fashion since she was very young. Today, it’s clear that this love affair continues very strongly.

Lena is only a few years into her Instagram journey, yet has enjoyed extraordinary success already. In just three short years, she has managed to gain over four million followers. If you go ahead and check out her Instagram page @Panthere_instyle, you will see why.

How Lena Became Fashion-Obsessed

While growing up, Lena wasn’t quite able to express herself in the way she wanted by using her voice. This inability to share how she felt made her look into other avenues of doing so. That’s when she discovered the wide world of fashion. She immediately found so many creative ways to express her individuality, and has been doing so ever since.

Today, she continues ‘speaking’ with her clothes and encourages everyone else to find their own creative voice. In Lena’s world, it’s all about bold colors. In fact, the bolder, the better. You will usually see Lena dressed in solid colors that are incredibly vibrant with contrast. The clothes and pieces she wears make her stand out against any background she finds herself in.

Lena’s two favorite fashion accessories are high heels and handbags. You will almost always find her with a Hermes clutch or other chic bag while wearing boldly-colored high heels. When asked how she manages to walk in such high heels all the time, she amusingly responds by saying “Who said anything about walking?

A Colorful Array of Fashion Choices

There’s no doubt about it; Lena loves colorful clothes. She loves how vibrant colors can cheer her up, regardless of how challenging her daily struggles with her chronic illness are. It becomes a therapeutic exercise for her that also ends up wowing millions of her ardent fans.

Lena is a big proponent of using color therapy. This is something that psychologists have done studies on for decades, with eye-opening results. Colors truly do affect the way we feel, but Lena didn’t need a scientific study to tell her that. Both her and her followers thoroughly enjoy seeing both bold and neutral colors alike. 

Yes, as much as she loves her bold blues and yellows, she is also fond of black and while. Black is a timeless, versatile, classic, and slimming color (or rather, absence of color) that is the ideal backdrop for blue hues. White can be both daring and demure. For Lena, it’s all about texture and dimension, which ensures that whatever her look is that day, it’s not going to feel flat.

Lena loves color, and you will too when you see how tastefully she puts together her outfits. Head over to

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Torrington resident’s business cooks up colorful hand-dyed designs with retro style

TORRINGTON — Margaret Gumbs was considering what to do with her time when she retired — some day.

Already a quilter and having studied interior design, she took the advice of her husband, Rodney, and turned a hobby into a new line of at-home work.

The Torrington resident, who works as a nurse, placed what she calls Maggie McFly Designs, on the website Etsy. She offers hand-dyed cotton yarn, hand-dyed cotton fabric, organic cotton “onesies” for infants, hand-dyed table décor, and ice-dyed clothing. She plans to broaden the scope of her offerings even more as her business gains traction.

“I began just by making a tie dye shirt for my husband, and also made one for my son. They loved them and encouraged me to continue and offer them for sale,” said Gumbs, who spends four days a week immersed in her new cottage industry.

Meanwhile, her husband, Rodney Gumbs calls himself the CEO of shipping, handling and delivery of the items to customers via mail or other means.

Gumbs creates what is known as tie-dye fabric and clothing, wildly colorful patterns on cotton that became all the rage back in the 1960s and 1970s when flower power, and love and peace signs permeated society. The unique clothing designs faded with subsequent generations but never really went away. Tie dye has has become popular again in recent years among young people and some elders, who want to relive their days of rebellion and counter-culture living, at least in the way they dress.

In “ice tie-dying,” the T-shirt, or whatever fabric one is using, is completely wet, then wrung out. The material being dyed is scrunched up and placed on a rack over the top of another container or dish. The more “scrunching”, the more chances of white peeking through. Said Gumbs, “The dye comes in a very fine powder form. When you apply it you need to wear a respirator mask so you don’t breathe it in.”

The container holding the item being dyed must be large enough to contain liquids from the shirt. Gumbs then generously covers the fabric with ice. Crushed ice insures coverage of all of the edges without the risk of larger ice cubes sliding off right away. This step could be substituted with snow. The ice covered items must be left alone for six to eight hours or longer. The longer it sits, the more intense the colors get. The items must be rinsed until the water runs clear. Then, the item is allowed to dry.

The process of traditional tie-dye typically consists of folding, twisting, pleating, or crumpling fabric or a garment and binding with string or rubber bands, followed by application of dye(s). The manipulations of the fabric prior to the application of dye are called resists, as they partially or completely prevent the applied dye from coloring the fabric.

The ice tie-dye designs that Gumbs creates are free-flowing and almost replicate the works of avant-garde painters. The colors are vibrant with no

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