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“I can show you the world — shining, shimmering, splendid” — jewelry that is, inspired by the magic and allure of Disney. We all have at least one friend who figuratively lives in a magical kingdom far, far away or perhaps under the sea. Why not indulge their love for all things Disney with jewelry they can wear every day? From stunning studs that are shaped like Minnie’s ears to a necklace that symbolizes ohana means family, we curated 54 stunning pieces of jewelry that your loved ones will appreciate. Whether it is minimalist or a statement piece, inspired by the timeless princesses or the brave Jedi or badass Avengers, we have something for everyone at all price ranges. The holidays get a lot more magical with a little bit of Disney.

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Study finds which Disney princess has the most expensive jewelry

When you wish upon a star, hopefully you’ll get jewels as lavish as these.

In a new study called “Kingdom of Jewels,” U.K.-based financial advisory company worked in collaboration with David Allen of Purely Diamonds to conclude how much the jewelry of each Disney princess would cost in real-life cash. The study took a look at each piece owned by every princess starting with the 1937 film “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.”

So, who has the most expensive bling of them all?

That honor goes to Queen Elsa from the 2013 hit film “Frozen,” whose scepter, tiara and orb were theorized to be made of gold and 20-carat sapphires in order to calculate the combined value. Based upon these estimations, the total cost of all three came out to $800,000.

Queen Elsa’s sister, Anna, comes in at second. Her tiara and necklace come out to a combined total of $230,000.

We’re sure both Elsa and Anna wouldn’t let those items go any time soon.

Other Disney princesses included on the list were Cinderella—whose earrings and glass slippers amounted to $55,000 altogether—as well as Ariel from “The Little Mermaid,” whose seashell bra and earrings were estimated to cost $750.

CInderella's jewels

Cinderella’s glass slippers and pearl earrings were estimated at a combined value of $55,000. (graphic courtesy of

Even Snow White’s red velvet headband was pricier than anything found at Urban Outfitters, coming to a total of $85.

Another princess added to the list actually took the crown over Elsa’s jewelry, although she’s technically not an original Disney princess (the rights to her film were purchased by the company in 2019). The tiara of Anastasia—the animated character based on the historical lost Romanov—was estimated to have a total value of over $5 million.

The rest of us, it would seem, are stuck with Kay Jewelers.

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How to watch a reimagined version of the family film ‘Black Beauty’ on Disney+

Mackenzie Foy and Kate Winslet star in the modern day reimagining of Black Beauty on Disney+ today, Friday, Nov. 27.

Black Beauty, originally an 1877 novel by Anna Sewall, has been reimagined plenty of times in stories and movie adaptations. Disney’s version directed by Ashely Avis does something different: It makes both the main characters female.

Both Jo, the 17-year-old caretaker played by Mackenzie Foy, and Beauty, the horse voice by Kate Winslet, have been through a lot. Beauty was rounded up and taken away from her family, and ended up on John Manly’s farm. Jo will end up there, too, through similar circumstances. Her parents recently passed away and she’s been shipped off to her uncle’s.

Jo and Beauty will bond over their shared sense of loss, and begin to heal alongside each other. The bond they form during their time on Manly’s farm will never be broken, even when Beauty goes through a series of new owners in this story of love, loss, heartbreak, joy, and the extraordinary power of friendship.

Where can I watch Black Beauty?

It’s available on Disney+ ($6.99/month or $69.99/year).

There’s also a Disney+ bundle option available, which includes access to Hulu (with ads) and ESPN+ for just $12.99/month.

What if I’m already a Hulu subscriber and want to add Disney+?

Sign up for Disney+ using the same email that’s associated with your Hulu account, no matter which type of Hulu account it is. You’ll still be charged for the full price for your Hulu account every month, but you will receive a $5.99 credit toward a Disney+ subscription.

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The Best Presents For Disney Fans

Disney is iconic and larger-than-life in its role in American pop culture, and its princesses and other characters are beloved by children and adults alike. Disney makes its fans feel that sense of wonder that came so easily in childhood, and it is an enduring comfort to those who collect Disney merchandise and flock to the theme parks. If you are looking for just the right fit for the Disney fan in your life, consider these Disney gifts. There’s something here to fit all tastes, budgets, and lifestyles.

In a year that has inspired many to try new crafts, JOANN’s Cinderella no-sew fleece throw blanket is a great gift. Even people who are not into sewing or other kinds of crafting can enjoy making the throw and feeling that sense of accomplishment that comes from helping to create something yourself. It has a colorful image of Cinderella and her prince with print that says “Her Prince, His Princess”. It’s an especially great gift for couples who love Disney. Although it has a retail price of $39.99, you can buy it directly from JOANN for $27.99.

“Have courage and be kind.” That was the motto of Cinderella in the latest Disney live action film of the beloved princess. It is certainly kind to give the Cinderella fan in your life this beautiful JTV necklace inspired by the Disney adaptation of the timeless fairy tale. The JTV Enchanted Jewelry Cinderella necklace is made of rhodium over sterling silver and 10-karat yellow gold with a pendant that is set with round white diamonds. It is on an 19-inch cable chain that’s accented with round London Blue topaz. This piece is part of the JTV Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry line that also includes jewelry inspired by Disney princess Mulan, Belle, Show White, and Elsa. Price: This JTV Cinderella necklace has an estimated retail value of $984, but you can buy it from JTV for $216.74.

Tervis has a large selection of Disney-theme tumblers that range from ones that pay homage to the beloved Halloween film Hocus Pocus to the Disney princesses. It also includes the irresistible Winnie The Pooh. This Winnie The Pooh tumbler features a classic illustration of Pooh and Piglet walking together and includes a line from the book that says, “As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen.” The tumbler is available directly from Tervis for $16.99.

The Pandora X Disney line of jewelry is a gorgeous collection inspired by Disney’s timeless stories that allow you to “feel the magic”. Ariel from The Little Mermaid is featured in outline on this eye-catching charm made with sterling silver, crystals, and cubic zirconia. This memento perfectly captures the spirit of the character who was eternally reaching for freedom and love. The dangle charm is also

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How to watch Black Beauty on Disney Plus: Release date, trailer and cast

Black Beauty on Disney Plus: release date, cast

Release date: November 27 (3 a.m. ET)
Cast: Mackenzie Foy, Kate Winslet, Claire Forlani, Iain Glen, Fern Deacon
Director: Ashley Avis
Run time: 109 minutes

Families looking for a movie to watch this holiday weekend can watch Black Beauty on Disney Plus. The classic story from Anna Sewell’s 1877 novel has been adapted into films before but this modern reimagining takes place in the present day.

In Black Beauty 2020, the titular wild horse (voiced by Kate Winslet) is born in the American West, then cruelly rounded up away from her family. She’s brought to a ranch, where she meets a spirited teenage girl Jo Green (Mackenzie Foy). Beauty and Jo forge an unbreakable bond that sustains them both when they are separated.

Black Beauty is a tear-jerking tale of two sensitive souls who both experience tragedy but find comfort, inspiration and love from the other. It also deals with animal cruelty, as Beauty faces mistreatment from some of her owners.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to watch Black Beauty on Disney Plus. Plus, check out the trailer below:

How to watch Black Beauty in the US, Canada and the UK

Black Beauty 2020 will be released exclusively on Disney Plus this Friday, November 27.

Disney Plus is available in the US, Canada, UK and western Europe. 

Black Beauty cast

The Black Beauty cast is led by Kate Winslet as the voice of Beauty the horse and Mackenzie Foy as Jo Green, a 17-year-old girl who goes to live with her uncle on his ranch. 

Other cast members include:

  • Iain Glen as John Manly, a ranch owner and Jo’s uncle
  • Fern Deacon as Georgina Winthorp
  • Claire Forlani as Mrs. Winthorp
  • Calam Lynch as George Winthorp
  • Max Raphael as James
  • Hakeem Kae-Kazim as Terry
  • Matt Rippy as Henry Gordon
  • Avianah Abrahams as Anna
  • Sascha Nastasi as Jennifer
  • Alex Jeaven as Jasmine

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A Disney+ movie reimagines the classic horse story at more of a trot than a gallop

“Black Beauty” gives the original Victorian novel a significant makeover, a contemporary remake that relocates the story to the American West. The movie delivers a more pointed animal-rights message, but while its equine star fares well enough, the two-footed characters never really get out of the starting gate.

a brown horse standing next to a fence: Mackenzie Foy in the Disney+ movie 'Black Beauty.'

© Disney
Mackenzie Foy in the Disney+ movie ‘Black Beauty.’

“A mustang’s spirit can never be broken,” the wild horse of the title, whose thoughts are voiced by Kate Winslet, says at the outset, a statement that will be tested over the course of the movie.


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Previously adapted in 1971 and 1994, Anna Sewell’s book has become a children’s literary classic, and the central girl-and-her-horse story dovetails with the brand for Disney+ — another entry for the kid-and-animal live-action bin, dating back to “Old Yeller.” Small wonder the streaming service acquired the completed film, which would have been a tough sell theatrically.

The narrative, however, moves at a pace much closer to a trot than a gallop, as the horse is caught and turned over to trainer John Manly (“Game of Thrones'” Iain Glen), a taciturn fellow who soon receives another new arrival: His recently orphaned teenage niece, Jo (Mackenzie Foy).

Both outsiders, the bond between the girl and the horse as executed here by writer-director Ashley Avis brings to mind “The Black Stallion,” including a shot of the two running along the beach that seems like an homage to it.

The story comes up a bit lame, alas, when Jo and Beauty move to a farm owned by a wealthy family, prompting the imperious matriarch (Claire Forlani) to snap “Our son’s fraternizing with the help” when their dreamy kid (Calam Lynch) begins spending time with Jo.

Beauty’s struggles don’t end there, as her move to the city exposes more of the mistreatment that horses endure in captivity, prompting her to ask in the narration, “How could some people not understand that horses can feel what they do?”

As well-intentioned as the film appears to be, it’s ultimately too inert, even with the changes, to make this familiar story leap off the page. “Black Beauty” isn’t bad, exactly, but rather the kind of flavorless fare that underscores how hard really good family viewing is to corral.

“Black Beauty” premieres Nov. 27 on Disney+.

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‘Black Beauty’ review: Disney+ update an uplifting horse story

For more than a century, every generation has had its cinematic adaptation of “Black Beauty,” and while the new Disney+ version switches the genders of the magnificent horse as well as the young protagonist and moves the locale from the English countryside of the late 19th century to the American West of today, it’s thematically and spiritually faithful to Anna Sewell’s timeless classic, from the horse serving as narrator to the episodic nature of the storyline to the powerful and still-relevant message about humane treatment of animals — and the undeniably healing and lasting dynamic between human and creature.

I loved this movie. Yes, it’s an unapologetically sentimental, anthropomorphic, family-friendly, sugar-sweet story aimed squarely at the younger members of your brood — and stop me if you think there’s anything wrong with that. This is a beautifully uplifting film at a time we can all use a dose of old-fashioned, cynicism-free storytelling. Writer-director Ashley Avis and her production team have created a gorgeous, sweeping epic (please watch this on the biggest screen available in your house), with Kate Winslet voicing Black Beauty’s thoughts and feelings to heart-melting effect, the wonderfully talented Mackenzie Foy delivering a sublime performance as the girl who finds a kindred spirit in Black Beauty, and Iain Glen from “Game of Thrones” and “Downton Abbey” playing the most dashing and empathetic horse whisperer this side of Robert Redford.

“Black Beauty” isn’t one of those photorealistic movies with animals literally talking, e.g., the most recent versions of “The Lion King” and “Doctor Dolittle.” From the moment we meet the energetic and adventure-seeking mustang foal who will be named Black Beauty, roaming free in the wild with her mother and extended family, her thoughts and emotions are expressed through Winslet’s warm and comforting voice-over, similar to what Kevin Costner did as Enzo the dog in “The Art of Racing in the Rain” (2019) and Josh Gad did in “A Dog’s Purpose” (2017) and “A Dog’s Journey” (2019).

Jo’s uncle (Iain Glen), a horse trainer, takes in the wild filly who would late be called Black Beauty.

The first of many lump-in-your throat moments occurs when 21st century cowboys, complete with tracking helicopter overhead, round up the herd and Beauty is separated from her mother, never to see her again. Fortunately, the young filly winds up with the horse-loving, quietly noble and goodhearted trainer John Manly (even that name sounds like a Gary Cooper character), who believes wild horses can be broken in a humane fashion and should be treated with care and respect.

Just as Beauty is coming to terms with her new life, there’s another new arrival at the ranch: the teenage girl Jo Green (Mackenzie Foy), who lost her family as well when a tragic car accident claimed the lives of her parents. Alone and closed-off, a city girl in the country, Jo barely knows her Uncle Jack and wants nothing

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Disney Plus’ Black Beauty almost had a live horse birth scene

The Horse Girl Canon is Polygon’s celebration and exploration of the books, films, TV, toys, and games that have become essential to the cross-generational “Horse Girl” life.

Black Beauty is a book that quite literally changed history. Anna Sewell’s fictional biography of a gentle, beautiful horse in 19th century England was a blunt parable on animal welfare, and its depictions of animal abuse — described from a horse’s perspective — led to reforms and an increased awareness of horses’ intelligence.

The novel was adapted several times in the last 100 years, most notably by Edward Scissorhands and Secret Garden screenwriter Caroline Thompson in 1994 as a period piece. Now 33-year-old Ashley Avis (Adolescence) has taken up the challenge of telling the classic story in a modern setting. Her adaptation of Black Beauty — which she wrote, directed, and edited — comes out on Disney Plus on Nov. 27.

The film transposes Beauty’s story to the United States, where the titular horse grows up as a wild mustang before being captured and shipped east, separated from her herd. Initially resistant to being tamed, Beauty meets Jo Green (Mackenzie Foy), a wounded young girl who wants nothing to do with horses — until she meets Beauty. It’s the ultimate horse girl story.

As a young girl in Florida, the Black Beauty novel kicked off Avis’ own lifelong relationship with horses. She was an equestrian long before she was a filmmaker, and now she’s making a career out of combining those passions. Her next project is Breyer Hollow, a horse-centric children’s series from Ron Howard’s Imagine Entertainment based on the Breyer horse toyline.

“There’s a quick and fast way that you can train horses. And there’s the right way to train horses,” Avis told me. She was set on using Liberty Training for the film, a method that emphasizes the bond between humans and horses. Essentially, she wanted the horses to want to perform in the movie, rather than perform out of obligation. The trainers had 10 weeks to turn four Thoroughbred mares, fresh from the track, into Black Beauty.

“We were able to achieve stunts that we weren’t sure were going to be possible, like Beauty actually racing the river,” Avis told Polygon. The scene is a retooling of one from the 1877 book, where Beauty saves his driver by refusing to cross an overflowing river. In this take, Beauty runs alongside the river in an attempt to rescue her rider, who has been swept away. “All of that’s real,” said Avis.

But the stunts were just one of the production’s challenges. With the release of Polygon’s Horse Girl Canon, we sat down with Avis to find out what it was like working with the twenty (twenty!) horses that played Black Beauty, and how she reworked Anna Sewell’s story for a modern world.

A black horse galloping across a field of dry yellow grass.

Black Beauty, as seen in the 2020 film.
Image: Disney/Graham Bartholomew

Polygon: There was a renaissance of horse movies when we were growing up — The

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