The Planning Commission last month approved a rezone request from a Sioux Falls couple planning to build an event hall that embraces the nationwide trend of a barn near Arrowhead Parkway and Riverview Avenue near the eastern edge of the city. (Photo: City of Sioux Falls)

Pam and Bryan Hedman know how to put on a wedding.

Each of their four children have been married, with one child most recently tying the knot in 2020.

Through each, they’ve seen the challenges their children have had to face in the wedding industry, balancing locations and added fees to wedding venues.

So, when they found a piece of land overlooking rolling hills of eastern Sioux Falls and the Big Sioux River near the Mary Jo Wagner Arboretum, they knew it was the perfect location for Sioux Falls’ newest event barn.

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With having their own children, they’ve seen where they can make things easier and better for other families hoping to celebrate their own weddings, they said.

The Riverview Barn will be the sixth event barn in the Sioux Falls area — but the demand is still greater than ever as the city expands, the couple said. This is the first event barn on the eastern side of the city, located at 2400 S. Riverview Ave.

“You couldn’t find a better location,” Pam said, adding that she was charmed by the location just a few miles from their own eastern Sioux Falls home.

The couple said that while they plan to finish construction mid-summer 2021, they will not start booking clients until after the new year.

Pam was a speech therapist for Brandon Valley for years until she recently retired. Although the 60-year-old retired from the position, she wasn’t ready to stop working yet.

The construction of the gambrel-style barn from Legacy Post and Beam based out of Nebraska would be a “great project,” she said.

“I wanted to do something different than what I’ve been doing,” Pam said. “I enjoy celebrating families, spending time with my own family, and I think this will be a great adventure.”

The medium-sized barn will seat between 200 and 300 guests for weddings and events. The wood barn features a patio for outdoor entertaining, on-site kitchen, groom’s den, and loft with a bridal suite.

Clients will have their own choice in catering for the event, since it won’t be required for the venue, Pam said.

And even better, the Hedmans plan to book the event hall as a flat-rate fee, which discards other fees usually associated with wedding venues.

“We want people to know what they have to spend,” said Bryan, a 62-year-old lawyer in Sioux Falls.