Chobani employees share the best gifts for home cooks 2020

Most of us have been cooking at home a whole lot more during the pandemic—so chances are there’s someone on your list who would enjoy a food-related gift. To drum up some inspired ideas, we turned to the foodies at Chobani (the beloved Greek yogurt company that has expanded into oat milk, coffee creamers, and even cafes) for some curated suggestions. These are the best food gifts they’ve given, received, or put on their wishlists. Bon appétit!

[Photo: courtesy The Whole Fish]

The Whole Fish Cookbook, by Josh Niland, $37
I really enjoy this collection of technique-driven recipes, named the James Beard cookbook of 2019, and think it is a must-have for anyone who wants to learn how to cook really great fish. It’s a great read, with beautiful images that help teach the fundamentals, all while capturing the importance of fresh and local ingredients. —Jake Briere, corporate chef

Maxi-Matic Elite Gourmet Air Fryer, $50
As a self-proclaimed gadget guru, I enjoy trying new cooking tools all the time. And my Elite by Maxi-Matic Air Fryer is one of my favorite tools when creating buffalo cauliflower. The compact size of the fryer makes it an easy addition in my kitchen and helps me create the best-tasting cauliflower I’ve ever experienced at home. —Rosalyn Emerson, channel marketing director

[Photo: courtesy Anthropologie]

Hario Cold Brew Bottle, $35
This is the perfect gift for anyone to take their cold-brew obsession to the next level! Ready with your favorite coffee overnight in your fridge, this simple, Japanese-created bottle makes delicious cold brew to exactly however you like it. —Eddie Revis, vice president, marketing

Amazon Basics Hand Blender, $30
I use this immersion hand blender every week, whether I’m frothing milk for a pumpkin cold-brew foam or trying out social media’s hot trend whipped coffee. This blender takes minimal space for storage and froths quickly with very few dishes to clean. —Morgan VanAlstine, human resources coordinator

[Photo: courtesy Skura]

Skura Style Antimicrobial Sponges, 8 for $30
With cooking at home on the rise in 2020, so is the number of dishes to be done. It seems like I could do dishes all day, but not with a smelly sponge that usually tends to leave an unpleasant odor on your hands for hours after. Once I found these antibacterial sponges that last FOREVER and never smell or leave an odor, I converted all of my family and friends immediately. —Jake Briere, corporate chef

Lee Kum Kee XO Sauce, $20
A mix of scallops, shrimp, garlic, shallots, ginger, brown sugar, and spices simmered down into a marmalade-like infused umami bomb, XO sauce brings that umami boost you need in a dish. It holds its own in any savory creation, like stir-fried veggies, pasta dishes, and even as part of a chicken wing glaze! —Adley Tong, R&D scientist

Aerolatte Matcha Frother, $20
Like everyone else, I’ve been getting my caffeine fix at home this year. Coffee got boring

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Business group asks employees to model anti-virus measures

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A leading Ohio business group on Tuesday asked employees to model best practices for reducing the spread of the coronavirus as it warned of the impact the current spike in cases could have on the economy.

The Ohio Business Roundtable, a nonprofit organization of big economy chief executive officers, wants workers to encourage mask wearing at any gathering outside immediate family, avoid large gatherings such as game day celebrations, and reconsider indoor holiday parties.

“This is not a choice between our health and a strong economy; the two are strongly connected,” said Pat Tiberi, the roundtable’s president and CEO and a former longtime Republican congressman. The group dubbed the effort the Coalition to Stop the Spread.

The announcement came as Ohio’s economy continues to show signs of weakness. Last week, the state said 30,177 Ohioans filed initial claims for unemployment compensation, a 21% jump from the week before. The state also said 263,737 people filed claims for continued unemployment, a 4% increase from the previous week and a figure considered a better indicator of economic strength.

The 7-day rolling average of daily new cases in Ohio has risen over the past two weeks from 7,199 new cases per day on Nov. 16 to 8,251 new cases per day on Nov. 30, according to an Associated Press analysis of data provided by The COVID Tracking Project.

More than 5,200 people were hospitalized with the coronavirus on Tuesday, another record.

Source Article

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What To Get Your Colleagues, Employees, And Clients This Holiday Season

It’s that time of the year again! The time for showing appreciation to those who make your life possible or better. Every year, I curate my own list of what to give that special someone in your professional life, whether that’s your colleagues, clients or employees. Here’s my holiday gift guide from last year and a special edition mini gift guide for this year as well. 

Here’s my 2020 list of the best holiday gifts. I am truly hopeful that you will find something for everyone on your list. 

For the Kitchen Maven:

Tovala: The ultimate countertop oven for the busiest professionals. You can order a variety of Tovala meals or make your own. It steams, bakes, and toasts in one. It can replace the toaster and the microwave. 

Hurom Slow Juicer: Hurom’s latest H200 Slow Juicer now has an even larger inlet that can fit whole-sized apples. Less prep and less cleaning means more time to enjoy fresh-squeezed juice. Yes, please. 

The Tchibo Coffee Machine: German-engineering launches in America. It is a bean-to-brew machine. No pods needed. An excellent choice for a coffee enthusiast. You can also throw  in some holiday blends from Coffee Chicks. 

Jura E8 Coffee Maker: Flat white? Cappuccino? Macchiato? This is a beast of a coffee machine and it really does do it all. This is ideal for everyone in the office…or home office. 

Blue Diamond Cookware: If they love to cook, you can’t go wrong with some great finds from Greenpan. These are loved by cooks all over the world. Also in the category is Proclamation Duo which minimizes with two pans and you can get a dozen cooking methods with zero clutter. 

Fiesta Dinnerware: From star shaped candy dishes to colorful pitchers, you are bound to find something to like. Also in the dinnerware category is Poketo with their bamboo dinnerware. 

Taotronics Air Fryer: Great for someone in your life who is trying to eat healthier but still loves the deep-fried texture.

Espresso Machine by illy and cups: Bright red, this Y3.2 iperEspresso machine makes both espresso and coffee with one touch. It also doesn’t take up much space.

Viking Culinary: I recommend the teapot (comes in three colors) or a reversible wood prep and carving board. Makes prepping and cleaning a breeze. 

Crate&Barrel Fellow Stagg Kettle: Perfect for pour-over style coffee or tea. Doesn’t take up much space and looks great. Also available in three different colors.

Jung Lee Pharos Tea Pot and Mug Set: Even if they are just entertaining for one, this is a lovely piece sure to delight. It has one teapot and comes with two mugs – inspired by the lighthouses of Portugal. 


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Connecting Employees Through Holiday Parties, 2020-Style

This holiday season is different than the ones that came before. Here’s how to re-purpose the tools and tactics that have kept remote teams running these past several months to create meaningful, company culture-building holiday activities.

Free Book Preview: Coach ’Em Way Up

Discover how to be an influential mentor through tips and advice based on the teachings of respected basketball coach John Wooden.

5 min read

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

For many business owners, employees are often more like members of their own extended families. They celebrate important milestones together — both business and personal — and support each other during difficult times. For many, 2020 has exemplified “difficult times,” which makes it that much more important for work families to find a way to celebrate this holiday season together.

It seems obvious that the traditional festive get-togethers and social activities, including the annual office holiday party, will either be canceled or modified in some way this year. In a virtual world, replicating the mingling and breakaway conversations that happen in the physical world is a bit more challenging. Because employees who are more connected to each other tend to be happier and more productive, it’s business critical that companies find creative ways to facilitate those interactions as part of a holiday celebration.

In the absence of the usual parties, there are virtual ways to celebrate that can feel both natural and festive, all while using the same tools we use for work. With a little creativity, it’s possible to take those same tools we use to work and turn them into a memorable event for a year that many would rather forget. Consider one of these ideas or your own variation of them.

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Tip #1: Take the opportunity to be inclusive

The classic office holiday party can create a lot of pressure. This year, there’s an opportunity to remove some of those pressures. Rather than having just a single event, try hosting smaller video chats and other activities with particular themes. Consider a virtual holiday cookie-baking class and, as an added bonus, send the ingredients and some fun cooking accessories to employees’ homes. Take advantage of “bowl season” and host viewing parties for sporting events. Consider a holiday movie night with a dress-up theme, and send some fun gifts from the company. And don’t forget to include the family — perhaps host a virtual happy hour with employees and their significant others, or fo something that includes the kids, such as a virtual storytelling or puppet show event. The trick with these types of activities is to keep them on the smaller side so that it’s easy to socialize and focus on all types of interests.

Tip #2: Remember what we’ve learned about remote work

High-quality video and voice is essential. If the quality of your meeting is poor, it will be difficult to have fun.  We know how frustrating it

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