Black-Owned Clothing Company Launches Line of Pro-Black Apparel to Empower Minorities Through Positive Expression

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Lex Pyerse’s stylish apparel uses eye-catching and thought-provoking words and images that capture the essence of Black excellence and promotes individuality

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 30, 2020 / Lex Pyerse Clothing announced this week the launch of their new Pro-Black Clothing line of apparel that is meant to empower African-Americans through freedom of expression. Lex Pyerse Clothing uncovers the stifled Black voice, empowers younger generations, and remembers the Motherland. Their clothing is for those who want to advocate and spread the message of diversity and individual Blackness.

To learn more about Lex Pyerse Clothing’s’ exciting movement or to purchase their apparel, visit their official website at

Lex Pyerse Clothing, founded in 2019, is a pro-black apparel company that focuses on Pan-African colored and inspirational word clusters, as well as African and Caribbean national flags and their dates of independence for men, women, and children of all ages. The Lex Pyerse website sells shirts, cases, mugs, and hoodies with affirmations created into a word cluster which emphasizes uniqueness and Black pride. Their hats have affirmations without the word cluster.

During a recent interview, the company spokesperson for Lex Pyerse Clothing was quoted as saying, “Our apparel has stylish, easy to read, thought-provoking, and eye-catching words that everyone can understand. It is filled with the words, images, and colors of how we see ourselves and the Black people that we admire. We use our desire to express Blackness and individuality to empower my people.”

He went on to say, “This is something that we have always wanted to do and now we are providing a way for others to not only express their Blackness, but find it in a world that wants to bury the Black voice.”

Pyerse Lex Dandridge, the founder of Lex Pyerse Clothing was quoted as saying, “I knew at a young age that I could educate the wisest and brightest people with my words and experiences. I knew at a young age that I knew how to tell stories. I consider myself blessed that I was able to find a way to combine all of my passions to affect positive change through pro-black clothing and to empower my fellow brothers and sisters from the motherland.”

About Lex Pyerse Clothing:

Lex Pyerse Clothing offers a stylish and empowering line of Pro-Black clothing, as well as cases, mugs, hoodies and more. Shoppers can mix and match the designs to come up with their own meaningful message about Blackness, individualism or any statement they wish to express. For more information, please visit

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Jets help empower women with online job mentoring event

Annette Guzman-Torres was feeling discouraged and frustrated, her anxiety fueled by the uncertainty of a bleak job market during the coronavirus pandemic.

The 44-year-old married mother of two boys is close to finishing the capstone project for her doctorate from Capella University. She has a 3.77 GPA, is a member of The National Society of Leadership and Success and has big professional dreams.

But Guzman-Torres was furloughed from her government job in March after the pandemic began and still hasn’t been able to return. She also found no leads for employment after her upcoming graduation.

“I was like, I have no job, nowhere to go, nothing to do,” said the resident of Bloomfield, New Jersey. “My fears, I was kind of letting them get to me.”

So, Guzman-Torres needed help — and found it, thanks to a collaboration between the New York Jets and Dress For Success Northern New Jersey-10 Counties.

Last Tuesday, 27 female Jets employees participated in an online mentoring program for women run by the affiliate of the nonprofit Dress For Success. The global organization is known for providing professional attire for women, but also helps build job search and interview skills with no-cost seminars and programs.

“It was a breath of fresh air, this event, because I felt like, OK, I see things a little clearer now,” Guzman-Torres said. “I can actually feel comfortable sending out my resume.”

Guzman-Torres was one of 11 women mentored during the event, which began as an idea by Jessica Mandler, the Jets’ vice president of human resources and administration. Mandler had weekly meetings since the pandemic began with the team’s three other female VPs — Jessica Ciccone (content strategy and marketing); Jill Kelley (legal affairs) and Jennifer Linn (partner management and sponsorships) — about what they could do as an organization to help encourage and empower women.

Mandler recalled being impressed by the impact a Dress For Success program had while she was working for the NBA several years ago. So, she connected with the affiliate in Madison — five minutes from the Jets’ facility in Florham Park — and traded ideas with Kim Iozzi, Dress For Success Northern New Jersey’s executive director.

“When I brought it back to the organization as a whole, they couldn’t have supported us any more,” Mandler said. “It was the first event like this that we had ever done. We had 27 women sign up right away, which was a huge win for us. … You almost got a little bit emotional at how excited people were and how much people wanted to be a part of this.”

Iozzi and the Jets huddled up to create a game plan that would benefit those participating as clients, such as Guzman-Torres, and those serving as mentors.

“They came at it with the right approach,” Iozzi said of the Jets. “They didn’t want a fluff program. They wanted to do something that was meaningful.”

The program included the Jets employees using Zoom breakout rooms to review and

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