Celebrate Life and Work Memories With This Unique Holiday Gift for Any Entrepreneur, On Sale for Cyber Monday

This gifting season is an unusual one. Chances are, most of us won’t be able to do the type of large in-person gatherings we’re used to. And with more intimate holiday celebrations, it may make sense to give something a little more thoughtful and personal, too. That’s where Lifekive comes in.

Lifekive is an exclusive concierge service dedicated to celebrating every individual’s essential memories. It’s a complete package that tells someone’s entire life story or helps to commemorate and honor an important milestone.

With Lifekive, you get your own Starter Kit, which includes everything you need to progress through the Lifekive process. There are detailed instructions, pickup scheduling, and protection insurance so the photos and artifacts you provide the service are completely safe. Once you send off the essential items to make your gift, the photos and artifacts you provide are transformed into an incredible collection of keepsakes.

First, there’s an 11×11 hardcover book with 50 to 100 pages that perfectly captures the photos you provide. They’re printed in HD with 4-ink color technology for an ultra-sharp and dynamic finish while professional photographers, editors, and storytellers come together to complete the book.

Then, there’s a professionally edited video montage of the memories you provide, produced in full resolution with custom music, intuitive formatting, personalized tilting, and seamless transitions.

Finally, after all the images are edited, they are loaded onto an 8GB USB in full resolution. They’re also uploaded to a cloud storage provider of your choice for easy access later. And during the proofing process before your book prints, you’ll get a digital copy that you can hang onto and access anytime or share.

In a simple four-step process, you’ll work with Lifekive to give one of the most unique, touching gifts the entrepreneur in your life is likely to ever receive. The Lifekive Signature Package is ordinarily $799, but right now, you can get it all for just $559.20 when you use code CMSAVE20 at checkout.

Celebrate Life and Work Memories With This Unique Holiday Gift for Any Entrepreneur, On Sale for Cyber Monday
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10 Great Gadget Gift Ideas that Are Perfect for Every Entrepreneur

If your list of people to buy gifts for this holiday season includes anyone who loves technology, finding the right gadget can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are plenty of great options available. Many of these items have been on sale since long before Black Friday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get some great deals on the perfect gift. 

If you’re looking for something that any tech-loving entrepreneur would enjoy, here’s my list of the top ten gadget gifts ideas for 2020:

1. Sony WH1000XM4

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The latest version of Sony’s flagship noise-canceling headphones is easily the best-in-class. They combine comfort and great sound quality, but the signature feature is definitely the active-noise-cancellation (ANC), something Sony does better than anyone else. They’re especially good on airplanes. Sure, you’re probably not traveling any time soon, but if you work from home and need a little separation from everything else happening around you, these are exactly what you’re looking for. ($278 at Amazon.com)

2. AirPods Pro

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They aren’t new, but the AirPods Pro are still the standard that other in-ear buds are measured against, and not just because they’re great for noise cancellation. More importantly, they work seamlessly with all of your Apple devices. That means it’s super easy to switch between listening to a podcast and jumping on a quick Zoom meeting. The best part is, they’re on sale at Amazon.com for $169 for Black Friday (that’s $80 off).

3. Google Nest Audio

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Of all the $99 smart speakers you can get, the Nest Audio from Google has the best combination of sound, design, and smarts. The sound it puts out is better than the Echo or HomePod mini, and the Nest Audio easily pairs with your Google Home compatible smart devices. You can even save $30 if you buy a pair from Google’s online store on Black Friday. ($85 each at BestBuy.com) 

4. Totallee UV Smartphone Sanitizer

I’d rather not think about the germs I’m carrying around on my iPhone, but it’s definitely something we’re all a little more aware of. Thankfully, there’s a pretty simple solution–the Totallee UV Smartphone Sanitizer. You just place your device inside and UV light kills all the germs. As an added bonus, it doubles as a 10W wireless charger. ($99 from www.totalleecase.com)

5. Apple Watch Series 6

The improvements in this year’s Apple Watch aren’t huge compared to what came before. It has a brighter always-on display and a blood oxygen sensor, but honestly, the biggest reason the Series 6 is such a worthy inclusion on this list is that it fixes the main thing wrong with smartwatches–the battery life. For someone who wants to be able to wear their Apple Watch all the time (including for sleep tracking) without worrying about running out of battery, the Series 6 solves that with faster charging and longer battery life. ($379 on Amazon.com)

6. Lenovo Smart Clock Essential

I’m a fan of smart devices, but the challenge is that sometimes the smarter they get, the

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How A Brazilian Social Entrepreneur Will Train 2M Women For The Digital Economy

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, social entrepreneur Ana Fontes has been working tirelessly to equip the hundreds of thousands of women who resort to the Women Entrepreneurs Social Network (RME, acronym in Portuguese) to understand how to navigate a fast-moving digital landscape.

With multiple initiatives led under what is the first and largest support network for female entrepreneurs and the support from companies including Google and banks such as Santander, RME currently reaches 750,000 women nationwide. The scope of the organization is now going beyond guidance on how to start and run a business and expanding into a model that includes digital literacy, content, acceleration, mentoring and capital for female entrepreneurs.

Since the emergence of the new coronavirus, RME has raised more than 40 million reais (US$ 7.3 million) to bolster key projects such as a training model that will train more than 50,000 women for the digital economy in the next 24 months. It also includes a Google-backed initiative that will choose 180 businesses led by women every three months, which will receive seed capital and mentoring.

Fontes hopes her fundraising efforts will exceed 100 million reais (US$ 18.4 million) in 2021 to broaden the organization’s reach to 2 million women countrywide: “We are the world’s only entity doing that kind of women-specific work, and we want to attract more companies with a vision that it is possible to make a huge impact through social responsibility and innovation”, she points out.

The entrepreneur is part of the W20, a UN platform that focuses on addressing issues of gender equality and women’s empowerment across the world’s 20 largest economies. She notes that companies have a critical role in promoting diversity and supporting innovation, through programs that support women to participate in a hyper-digital economy.

On the other hand, the social entrepreneur believes that the government also needs to act, in areas such as access to credit policies and inclusion of girls and women in careers related to technology. Despite her transit between decision makers in the corporate universe and her influence in the public policy debate, Fontes says that the dialogue with the Brazilian government has not been easy:

“We cannot mention the word gender in Brazil, or the need for affirmative policies to include more women in the economy and promote their development, because the current government does not believe in such things”, she notes.

“We have an open channel with the G20 in Brazil and we have been stressing the need to discuss these issues, but we have no effective policies, nor a desire for implementing them. But it is impossible to think of an innovation strategy for the country and not to include women in its design”, Fontes adds, referring to a plan to be created by an interministerial committee as part of Brazil’s National Innovation Policy, published through a presidential decree last month.


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Meet The Danish Entrepreneur Selling Used Cycle Clothing Worn By Professional Riders

There was a lot of leftover Lycra when, in March 2019, British billionaire Sir James Ratcliffe bought the Team Sky cycling franchise and renamed the professional squad after his petrochemicals group Ineos.

There was another glut of obsolete cycling kit earlier this year when Team Ineos transformed into Team Ineos Grenadiers to align with Ratcliffe’s newbuild SUV, which goes into production next year.

With 29 professional riders on the Team Ineos Grenadiers payroll—the company behind the team reported a turnover of €51 million in 2019, which makes it double the size of its next biggest rival—that’s twice in short order that a whole bunch of team-branded jerseys, cycling shorts, and gilets became passé overnight.

What do professional cycling teams do with all this high-end but suddenly out-of-date kit? Many now sell it to ProOwnedCycling, a Danish startup that, in effect, recycles cycle clothing; cycle clothing either worn by pro riders or supplied to them and never worn.

“Some of the teams used to have end-of-season sales, but they are not set up for when a customer later needs to change an M for an L, or somebody needs a refund,” said Oscar Bjørn-Rosager who started ProOwnedCycling in partnership with Danish rider Casper Pedersen in 2015. (Pedersen left the business to turn professional—in October, the Team Sunweb rider won the 114th edition of the Paris–Tours cycling classic.)

“Others give the clothing to staff, but then it’s just more clothing lying in a pile at home, probably unused,” said 23-year-old Bjørn-Rosager.

“Staff can no longer be seen in public with it because it’s dated kit.”


ProOwnedCycling sells used, nearly-new and unopened clothing from many of the world’s best-known cycling teams. An unworn 2019 long-sleeved Team Ineos cycling jersey from noted Italian manufacturer Castelli costs much less than in the shops—but it’s last year’s colors and doesn’t sport the SUV-brand logo.

It might not have been in the shops at all. Most of the clothing available on ProOwnedCycling.com is team-issue equipment, not consumer-level replica kit, which is often dumbed-down.

This is good for those wanting the very best in performance gear—so long as you are not fussed about latest logos or current colors—but there’s a catch: you have to have the body of a pro. Think skinny.

“Many amateur riders wouldn’t fit in this clothing,” admitted Bjørn-Rosager.

“This is not replica clothing—this is kit designed for the best athletes in the world, often custom-made to fit a rider.”

ProOwnedCycling.com features painfully truthful sizing charts and has videos talking customers through the often limited sizing choices—pros wear their kit tight so even tall riders may wear what appear to be child-sized jerseys.

On the portly side and still want to ride in pro-level kit? ProOwnedCycling stocks clothing that isn’t so tight and tiny, such as shoe covers, arm warmers and helmets.

“Some teams also make clothing for support staff who ride, so we sometimes stock XL and XXL kits,” offered Bjørn-Rosager,

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