Harry Styles Helped Nick Kroll Pop The Question to His Wife in Style

Nick Kroll is a newly-married man, and he has a certain pop star to thank for his perfect proposal to landscape artist Lily Kwong.

During his visit to The Tonight Show Monday night (Nov. 30), Kroll told host Jimmy Fallon about how the COVID-19 lockdown prevented him from seeking out other people’s for advice on how to propose. So while he was at a table reading for Olivia Wilde’s upcoming drama Don’t Worry Darling, he asked some of the movie’s other stars, Harry Styles and Florence Pugh, for some clever ideas.

“I was just spitballin’ with Flo and H-Bomb, and Olivia,” Kroll joked, noting that Styles actually came up with an idea he liked.

The couple had just moved into a new house, and Kroll put a huge bouquet of flowers into a moving box with the ring in the center of the arrangement, which he asked Kwong to move for him. When she opened the box and saw the flowers, she was duly surprised, and before they could even snap a picture and call their folks, Styles texted him seeking an update. “‘Have you done it yet? What’s going on?’” Styles apparently asked.

And when Kroll relayed that Kwong had said yes, Styles became the very first person to share their joy. “Harry Styles was the first person to know we were getting married… and he gave us his blessing and it meant the world.” Kroll said, adding that Styles also very sweetly sent along a huge bouquet of flowers for the wedding.

“He doesn’t know this yet, but he is now going to be the guardian of all our children,” joked Kroll.

Kroll and Kwong tied the knot in an intimate cliffside wedding in Big Sur, California in November 2020.

Watch the interview below.

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Here’s how a Christmas gift helped New Orleans police officer save a girl’s life | Crime/Police

Last Christmas, Daniel McCreary’s wife gave him an unusual gift, a little black bag of first aid supplies.

On Tuesday afternoon, the New Orleans police officer used it to save the life of a 7-year-old girl, shot along with a 15-year-old boy in a crossfire of gun violence in the 2500 block of North Prieur Street.

Lying face down in the street, the girl had been struck in the back, face and neck. She looked at McCreary. 

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“I thought the worst when I first got there because of the amount of blood, but she started to talk to me,” said McCreary, who is assigned to the 5th District. “She asked me if she was going to die. … I told her, ‘No,’ that it wasn’t that bad and she was going to be OK.”

But deep down he knew, from his eight years of active duty in the Army and deployment around the world, that she was bleeding out and one of her lungs was collapsing.

His combat training kicked in. He took gauze from the first aid kit and a plastic wrapper and improvised, making a chest seal so air would not escape.

Two children shot in St. Roch; New Orleans police officer saves 7-year-old girl

Officer places chest seal on 7-year-old girl, holding it until ambulance arrives

“So I just tried to keep her as calm as I could while I was holding pressure on her wound until EMS got there.”

What lasted for a few minutes felt like hours. Sure, training moves one to action, but afterward the reality of what police officers see can also move their souls.

“I’ve got four kids, and one’s 7 years old as well, so I don’t think you can really prepare for that,” McCreary said.

While waiting for the Emergency Medical Services ambulance, McCreary kept the girl motivated to hang on by exchanging names and birthdates.

Later, he heard that she made it out of surgery and into the hospital recovery room. He hopes the family he saw in hysterical agony over their child will one day let him meet her.

“I hope that she’s flooded with support and love and everything that she deserves,” McCreary said.

The two children were wounded when two males opened fire on a group of people, witnesses told police. The investigation continues.

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A financial coach explains the 2 key decisions that helped her save $17,000 for a wedding

a person wearing a suit and tie holding a stuffed animal: Alli Williams and her husband on their wedding day. Hayley Pethel Photography

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Alli Williams and her husband on their wedding day. Hayley Pethel Photography

  • Alli Williams, age 29, started saving for her wedding before she met her husband. 
  • She got the idea after paying off a car loan with a monthly payment of $415. Instead of spending the money, she redirected it into a savings account.
  • Williams said she felt more motivated to save knowing that she was working toward a specific goal.
  • By the time she got engaged, she had around $17,000 saved.
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Weddings are expensive, and Alli Williams wanted to be prepared for hers. 


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Before she even met the person who would stand across from her at the altar, Williams, who is a financial coach in South Carolina, began squirreling away hundreds of dollars a month for the occasion.

Based on a survey of thousands of couples, The Knot reports that the average cost of a wedding in the US, excluding the engagement ring and honeymoon, is $28,000. That isn’t pocket change for most people. In fact, 28% of couples in the US take on credit-card debt or loans to help cover the cost of their wedding.  

About three years after she started saving, Williams got engaged to her husband in August 2018 — and brought a $17,000 wedding fund with her. She says two strategies helped her do it:

1. She redirected a former debt payment to savings

When Williams paid off a car loan in her mid-20s, she decided to redirect her large monthly payment into a high-yield savings account earmarked for a wedding.

Gallery: From $300,000 in Debt to Zero — How Real People Repaid Their Debts Fast (GOBankingRates)

Since she was already in the habit of putting that money aside, “I told myself, ‘OK, that $415, instead of now spending it, it’s going to be my automatic wedding fund,'” Williams said.

By keeping her living expenses level after paying off debt, she was able to not only save around $400 a month, but allocate a set portion of every windfall — a tax refund or birthday money, for example — toward her wedding fund, too.

2. She saved for a specific goal

Williams said she was able to maintain her disciplined savings habit because she had a goal in mind.

“What I always tell my clients is, it’s so much easier than just saying ‘I’m saving money,'” she said, “because when it’s not tied to anything, you’re more likely to pull it back out of savings when you’re not really attached to it.”

People were often surprised to learn that Williams was saving for an event that wasn’t certain to happen, but she didn’t think twice. She knew she’d need money for a big expense someday, even if it wasn’t a wedding.

“There’s no downside to saving money,” she said. “I could have used it for a down payment or bought a car if I needed a car or

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Republican Women Helped Chip Away Democratic House Majority

(Bloomberg) — Democrats retook the House majority in 2018 in part by running a record number of female candidates. This year, Republicans took a page from that playbook to win back some seats.

a close up of a girl in a blue shirt: Representative Elise Stefanik, a Republican from New York, speaks during the Republican National Convention seen on a laptop computer in Tiskilwa, Illinois, U.S., on Wednesday, Aug. 26, 2020. Vice President Pence will make the case for a second term for himself and President Trump today capping a night at the convention designed to emphasize the military, law enforcement and public displays of patriotism.

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Representative Elise Stefanik, a Republican from New York, speaks during the Republican National Convention seen on a laptop computer in Tiskilwa, Illinois, U.S., on Wednesday, Aug. 26, 2020. Vice President Pence will make the case for a second term for himself and President Trump today capping a night at the convention designed to emphasize the military, law enforcement and public displays of patriotism.

The GOP sliced into the Democrats’ advantage in the House in the Nov. 3 election, powered by their own 2020 class of recruits that will add at least 15 women to their ranks when the next Congress is seated in January.

“Every single seat that we flipped was either won by a woman, a minority or a veteran,” New York Republican Elise Stefanik, who led an effort to recruit female candidates, said in an interview.

This was another record year for female congressional candidates for both parties. More than 300 women ran for Congress in this year’s general election, 44 more than the previous record set in 2018. Although they are not yet close to parity with men, at least 141 women will be serving in the 117th Congress, according to the Center for American Women and Politics. Several House seats are still undetermined.

There will be at least 28 Republican women in the House next year, up from 15 currently. Democrats will have at least 89 women, compared to 88 now.

Elevate Women

Stefanik had a direct hand in recruiting some of the incoming Republican women through E-PAC, the political action committee she started after the 2018 election, to help mentor and raise money for Republican women candidates.

“They earned the districts themselves, but it was important to provide financial support and mentoring to them,” she said.

One of the beneficiaries was Ashley Hinson, a Republican elected to represent Iowa’s first congressional district.

“There were a couple of key women’s groups,” Hinson said in an interview. “When I look at the work that they did to try to help elevate women candidates for many of these very competitive seats, it was invaluable.”

Independent analysts had projected Democrats to expand their House majority in the 2020 election, but instead will see in shrink. With six races yet to be called, Democrats now have 222 seats to 207 for Republicans. That’s down from the 232 seats they held going into the election, despite Democrat Joe Biden winning the presidential election.

In a press conference last week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she is optimistic about the record number of Republican women, and she congratulated them. Still, the California Democrat cautioned that they will still have their differences.

Video: Record-breaking number of GOP women elected to Congress (TODAY)

Record-breaking number of GOP women elected to Congress



“Doesn’t mean

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