Model Katiana Kay Launches Bay Smokes

Miami, FL, Nov. 28, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Katiana Kay had numerous reasons for starting up her business Bay Smokes. The legal cannabis and auxiliary industries are growing not only in the United States, but also in other countries that have taken a softer stance on the popular plant. Thanks to this newly found openness, it’s possible to have a whole new kind of hemp product consumers can’t just call marijuana, even if they wouldn’t be too off the mark if they did.

Bay Smokes is a line of smokable hemp products released by Katiana Kay. Unlike other products, it manages to walk the fine line between being a novelty and providing a genuine alternative to people who like their plant material smoked.

Entering the Market

Because of how much the market has grown, finding a way in that’s both fresh and interesting on one side and potentially lucrative on the other side was the first task Katiana had to master before launching her product line. Thankfully for her, she had a keen eye for spotting opportunities when they presented themselves, even for a second.

Katiana understood the issue many people who enjoy THC-heavy products experience; it’s not exactly the most productive of things to consume. There are other side effects that come from using them, too, such as anxiety and paranoia. For many, it’s not a happy place to inhabit, so Katiana decided to offer something recognizable but slightly different.

She entered the market with her brand of smokable hemp products called Bay Smokes and quickly found her bearings and an audience willing to try what she has to offer. From people looking to quit tobacco to people opting for a milder experience with hemp, Bay Smokes was made to make them happy.

Looking Further into the Future

One thing no one could accuse Katiana of is staying still for too long. Right now, this entrepreneurial lady has a couple of steps planned out to make sure that everyone who needs to know about Bay Smokes gets their info. For now, the idea is to rely on social media for marketing and promotion and to focus on building a sales platform that can help farmers who produce the best possible products break into the market.

This venture, however, is only one half of what Katiana has going on for her. She uses her other venture to fund this one and has plans in the works to use the profits from both to fund something completely new. One thing’s for sure: it will probably revolve around helping people.

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