This Microsoft Office family subscription comes with a $50 gift card

Today only, you can give the gift of productivity with and get yourself something nice, too. Amazon is selling the Microsoft 365 Family subscription to Office for $100 while throwing in a $50 Amazon gift card. The upfront price is the same as always, but the $50 gift card is essentially a rebate unless you use it as a gift for someone else. The sale ends just before midnight Pacific time on Wednesday evening.

Microsoft 365 Family is what the software maker is now calling Office 365. The subscription service allows up to six people to install and use Microsoft Office, and each person can use it on up to five devices each. This Office subscription includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook. PC users can also install Access and Publisher.

In addition to Office, Microsoft 365 Family also gives each person 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage, Skype calling minutes every month, and the Microsoft Family Safety app.

As for the gift card, this is physical plastic card that comes by mail. It has no expiry date and there are no fees. The card may not indicate an amount, but you can check the balance with Amazon using the last 4 digits of the serial number.

This is an excellent deal for the world’s most popular productivity suite, and you’re essentially getting it for half off for the first year.

[Today’s deal: Microsoft 365 Family and a $50 Amazon Gift Card for $100 at Amazon.]

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Microsoft Edge gets coupon code tool which could save you big ahead of Black Friday

Microsoft Edge keeps on getting updated with helpful new features, and the latest one couldn’t have come at a better time. In the run-up to Black Friday, the Redmond-based tech giant has rolled out a new autofill coupon tool for Microsoft Edge.

This handy little feature will automatically search for coupon codes and will let users know if it finds any vouchers when they reach the checkout.

If you’re in luck, a message will appear in the URL bar which says “this site has coupons”.

Clicking on it will reveal the amount of voucher codes at your disposal, and then you just need to press a button to activate these coupons and get your discount.

It’s a great new tool and has been added just weeks after Microsoft included a new price comparison feature in Edge.

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Unfortunately for Microsoft Edge users in the UK and Europe, both of these handy tools are only available in the US at launch.

Despite this limited rollout to begin with, it appears Microsoft is positioning Edge as a go-to choice for shoppers looking for the best browsing experience online.

Google Chrome offers similar extensions, however, these are third-party offerings found on the Chrome Web Store – not first-party tools already built-in.

Microsoft has been busy bolstering its Microsoft Edge browser in 2020, adding plenty of great new features that could tempt Chrome users across.

This year has already seen handy tools such as Segment Heap, which greatly reduces the amount of RAM Edge uses, rolled out.

And Microsoft isn’t stopping there, with Edge users in 2020 having plenty of other new features to look forward to – such as a full-page screenshot tool as well as a vertical tabs option.

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Microsoft also appears to be doing all they can to push people still using Internet Explorer 11 onto their newer Edge browser.

At the end of this month, the hugely popular Microsoft Teams tool will no longer work with IE11, while also recently reported on how over a thousand websites will soon stop working in Internet Explorer.

And it looks like all of these attempts to strengthen Edge and encourage users to switch from IE11 are paying off.

Stats from NetMarketShare have shown that in 2020 Microsoft Edge has made up ground on its internet browser rivals.

At the start of the year, Microsoft Edge was the third most popular browser, holding a 7.02 percent market share and behind Firefox and Chrome.

However, stats for October show Edge has grown its market share by over two percent, with it now holding 9.71 percent of the browser market and managing to leapfrog Firefox.

It is still a long way behind Google Chrome though, which has a staggering 69.53 percent slice of the market.

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Microsoft Edge adds autofill coupon codes and more annotation tools

There are few worse first-world-problems than buying something online, only to find out there was a 10 percent coupon you missed out on.

Now Microsoft is trying to make that a thing of the past for Edge users by autofilling coupon codes for you, no searching required.

Now if you visit a retailer online, you’ll see a blue coupon icon show up in the address bar. According to Microsoft, Edge will proactively surface the coupon codes at checkout, and from there you can either copy and paste codes, or have Edge try out each code and autofill the one which will save you the most money for your medley of items.

Keeping with the shopping theme, the company introduced a price comparison tool within Edge’s Collections feature last month to help you save money. Now the company is being more proactive about these price comparisons, with a blue icon in the address bar showing if there is a better offer at another retailer. Alternatively, Edge will show you if the site you’re on has the lowest price it can find to save you some time.

These features will be turned on by default, but you can turn them off by pressing the ‘…’ button in the price alerts, or by going to Settings > Privacy, search, and services.

In more shopping news:

  • Edge now has an  optional deals button that lives on the new tab page
  • Bing now has a curated shopping hub
  • A new “Shop the look” feature uses visual search to help you come up with an outfit
  • Bing now has dedicated product pages in the shopping tab which let you view user ratings, professional reviews, specifications, price trends over time.

Of course, Edge is far from the only way to automate some savings in your browser. There is no shortage of extensions that purport to do the same and work across a suite of browsers. Still, it’s nice to have features built-in.

Shopping aside, Edge’s annotation features are getting a big upgrade as well. You can now screenshot and annotate sections of webpages, including inking support. “Later this month” users will also be able to capture full pages with a click to avoid the need for scrolling. To initiate a capture, you can press Ctrl + Shift +S, or select Web capture from the ‘…’ menu button.

Lastly, Edge is adding the ability to comment on PDFs, in addition to the handwritten annotations and highlighting available previously.

These updates are rolling out to users now. For more on these features, plus a couple of others, you can check out Microsoft’s blog post here.

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Published November 19, 2020 — 22:01 UTC

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Microsoft Edge update adds a built-in digital coupon tool

Microsoft Edge, the browser the company released earlier this year, has received new features in the latest software update, including built-in digital coupons. According to Microsoft, the browser tool will automatically find and alert the user to any coupons available when on a retailer’s website.

A number of browser extensions providing access to coupon codes are available, some more useful than others, but there’s that one big downside: they come from third-party sources. Microsoft is offering its users a new built-in coupon tool that functions similarly to extensions, alerting users when a coupon is available for the product they’re browsing.

Users can click on a blue shopping tag in the URL bar when alerted to see the available coupon codes. Assuming one is available, you can copy and paste it when checking out on the retailer’s website; there’s also the option to auto-populate the codes when checking out.

Microsoft has also launched what it says is a more proactive price comparison tool for Edge. The price comparison tool shows users other price options available from different retailers when they’re browsing products online using Edge browser.

As well, Edge has received a tab ‘enhancement’ that involves a tab page with new tools related to online shopping. Users who enable the feature will be able to access ‘Deals,’ a portal to discounts and other offers. Microsoft has also added a ‘Daily Brief’ option for seeing breaking news.

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Microsoft Edge now has coupon and promo codes built in for online shopping

Microsoft is adding a new coupons feature to its Edge browser today. Coupons and promo codes will appear inside Edge as an alert when you’re shopping online, and they can be automatically applied to a basket when you’re ready to check out. The coupons feature also includes price comparisons, so if you’re shopping online, Edge can surface different retailers that might offer items at lower prices.

a close up of a camera

© Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Microsoft introduced price comparisons in Edge just weeks ago as part of its Collections feature, but this new coupon experience goes even further. It’s part of a big push by Microsoft to position Edge as the browser for online shopping, but the comparisons and coupons only work for US users of the browser right now.

graphical user interface, application, website: Coupons inside Microsoft Edge.

© Image: Microsoft
Coupons inside Microsoft Edge.

If you’re not interested in online shopping, Edge is also getting some more productivity improvements that are particularly useful for students. Microsoft is adding in the ability to annotate and add text notes to PDFs, a highly requested feature. And one of the top requested features, according to Microsoft, is making a return to Edge: inking. As part of the new screenshot tool, you’ll now be able to digitally ink and annotate screenshots.


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Microsoft is also adding the ability to capture a full webpage in a screenshot later this month. Most existing screenshot tools simply screenshot what you see without the ability to capture an entire webpage or scroll as you grab the screen. Microsoft’s new Edge screenshot tool will automatically scroll down a webpage so you can capture everything in a single image.

Finally, Word and Outlook will also handle copied URLs from Edge a lot more elegantly soon. Microsoft will shorten long links into friendly URLs when you copy links from the address bar in Edge and paste them into Word or Outlook. That’s useful if you don’t want to use or another link shortening service, and you’ll also be able to switch back to the longer URL in the Word or Outlook context menus.

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