Austin police officer suspended for calling protester ’gay’ based on their clothing – News – Austin American-Statesman

An Austin police officer has been temporarily suspended following an internal affairs investigation into homophobic comments he reportedly made while describing a person at a Black Lives Matter protest in May.

While on duty to respond to a large number of protesters in front of Austin police headquarters on May 30, Officer Ryan Seweryn described one of the demonstrators as “that gay dude with the short shorts in the black shirt,” according to the disciplinary memo, signed by Austin Police Department Chief Brian Manley on Nov. 25.

The protester who Seweryn described may have been pointing a laser pointer at a helicopter, the memo said, adding that Seweryn’s comments were recorded on his body-worn camera. The internal affairs investigation was spurred by a complaint made by a commander at the department on Nov. 13, according to the memo.

When asked to explain his comments during the investigation, Seweryn claimed that he was not describing the sexual orientation of the protester, but rather their style of clothing, according to the memo.

In the conclusion of the memo, Manley wrote that Seweryn did not take responsibility for his conduct and tried to justify his description of the protester.

“While he acknowledged that his conduct is inconsistent with APD training and expectations, he did not accept that there was anything wrong with the assumptions, description, and stereotype he made,” the memo stated.

Seweryn was suspended for ten days — from Nov. 26 to Dec. 5 — for violating the department’s rules related to impartial attitude and courtesy, the memo said. He will also have to go through additional training, according to the memo.

Seweryn served a separate ten-day suspension earlier this year for posting an old booking photo of a fellow Austin police officer, according to disciplinary documents.

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Former Mississippi police officer charged for running down model ex-girlfriend

A former police officer in Mississippi accused of running down his model ex-girlfriend has been charged in her death.

a close up of a car: Crime scene tape secure the scene where NYPD Bronx Highway Patrol Officers are seen investigating a fatal crash on August 11, 2020

© Luiz C. Ribeiro
Crime scene tape secure the scene where NYPD Bronx Highway Patrol Officers are seen investigating a fatal crash on August 11, 2020

James Heath Kitchens is facing a count of manslaughter for allegedly deliberately striking his 26-year-old ex and the mother of his son, Brittany Rhea Phillips, with his car, WTVA reported.

Police responded on Saturday to a spot on Riviera Road in Oktibbeha County around 8 p.m. for reports of a car accident involving a pedestrian, who has since been identified as Phillips. She was rushed to the OCH Regional Medical Center, where she pronounced dead early Sunday morning.

Authorities believe the deadly incident stemmed from a “domestic situation” but did not provide further details, according to WCBI.

Kitchens was arrested in wake of the incident and has since been released after posting his $25,000 bond.

On Wednesday, authorities confirmed the 30-year-old suspect worked for the Tupelo Police Department from January 2019 to May 2020.

“No further employment details may be released as that is a personnel matter,” officers said in a statement.

Phillips’ body has been sent to Jackson for an autopsy.

According to her social media, she worked as a model and entrepreneur, peddling goods for her online beauty boutique, Couturhea and beauty shop, Beauty Perfected. She was also reportedly pursuing a degree in kinesiology at Mississippi State University and had worked for two years at Oktibbeha County Hospital.

Her online profiles also suggest that she just started a minor in biological sciences and was pre-med at the university. Phillips also worked as a ring card girl for the Professional Fighters League since 2016.

She leaves behind a 7-year-old daughter and a 10-month-old son, according to a GoFundMe page. Kitchens is reportedly the father of the youngest child.

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Here’s how a Christmas gift helped New Orleans police officer save a girl’s life | Crime/Police

Last Christmas, Daniel McCreary’s wife gave him an unusual gift, a little black bag of first aid supplies.

On Tuesday afternoon, the New Orleans police officer used it to save the life of a 7-year-old girl, shot along with a 15-year-old boy in a crossfire of gun violence in the 2500 block of North Prieur Street.

Lying face down in the street, the girl had been struck in the back, face and neck. She looked at McCreary. 

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“I thought the worst when I first got there because of the amount of blood, but she started to talk to me,” said McCreary, who is assigned to the 5th District. “She asked me if she was going to die. … I told her, ‘No,’ that it wasn’t that bad and she was going to be OK.”

But deep down he knew, from his eight years of active duty in the Army and deployment around the world, that she was bleeding out and one of her lungs was collapsing.

His combat training kicked in. He took gauze from the first aid kit and a plastic wrapper and improvised, making a chest seal so air would not escape.

Two children shot in St. Roch; New Orleans police officer saves 7-year-old girl

Officer places chest seal on 7-year-old girl, holding it until ambulance arrives

“So I just tried to keep her as calm as I could while I was holding pressure on her wound until EMS got there.”

What lasted for a few minutes felt like hours. Sure, training moves one to action, but afterward the reality of what police officers see can also move their souls.

“I’ve got four kids, and one’s 7 years old as well, so I don’t think you can really prepare for that,” McCreary said.

While waiting for the Emergency Medical Services ambulance, McCreary kept the girl motivated to hang on by exchanging names and birthdates.

Later, he heard that she made it out of surgery and into the hospital recovery room. He hopes the family he saw in hysterical agony over their child will one day let him meet her.

“I hope that she’s flooded with support and love and everything that she deserves,” McCreary said.

The two children were wounded when two males opened fire on a group of people, witnesses told police. The investigation continues.

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