Model Emily LaBowe Launches Poppy Undies

While we love sexy, lacy lingerie for its flash and glamour, there’s something to be said for the quiet appeal of white cotton underwear. Especially when it’s cut just so, with a high rise, high hips, and a lacy trim around the outside. It’s deliciously enticing in its own right. And model Emily LaBowe is improving on that perfection with her new line, Poppy Undies, which takes vintage-inspired, white cotton undies and adds cheeky embroidery to the front. 

The earliest iteration of Poppy Undies began four years ago. “During Passover, my mom taught me how to embroider on a matzah cover. I fell in love with it,” she says. “There’s a lot of embroidery companies who do shirts or jean jackets, but I thought intimates was such an interesting item of clothing to have embroidered.” She started buying Hanes underwear to embroider one-offs for friends, then people on Instagram started messaging her to make special pairs. She embroidered undies for bachelorette parties and her friend’s band’s merchandise, and was featured in Vogue, V magazine, and multiple Playboy spreads, most recently on Phoebe Bridgers. Then, LaBowe decided she wanted to actually produce and design her own underwear. 

LaBowe doesn’t hand-embroider each pair anymore, but all are made in Los Angeles (she’ll still make custom pieces, though!). The first launch has four styles: a cactus, an orange poppy, a pink poppy, and a strawberry. LaBowe plans to switch up the embroidery every few months, so each pair is a limited edition, in a way. Also in the cards are unisex boxers, another one of LaBowe’s favorite pieces of clothing. 

Along with the underwear, LaBowe wanted to create something physical that would align with the brand’s aesthetic—so why not a newspaper featuring a selection of LaBowe’s artist friends? “The theme of the first one is about femininity, the body, self-love, and heartbreak,” she says. The paper features poems, essays, even a labneh tartine recipe from chef Javier Ramos. Featuring an array of esteemed artists, including Devendra Banhart, Ali Mitton, and more, it serves as a look into LaBowe’s world. She describes Poppy Paper as mostly separate from her brand, but those beautiful black-and-white photos makes you want to be the kind of person who wears embroidered white underwear while reading the morning paper. Luckily, everything is available now on the Poppy Undies site.

Ali Mitton
Ali Mitton

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Poppy Delevingne interview: inside my beauty bag

If ever there was a year for wellness and self-care, it’s 2020. Poppy Delevingne has long understood the holistic importance of a good beauty regime and its capacity to empower, soothe and uplift – things that feel all the more crucial in times such as these.

“I’ve really learnt the power of beauty and make-up during lockdown,” she told us. “I had to read a story for an initiative with Save The Children, and I dried my hair with a hairdryer, brushed it, put on some make-up and suddenly I felt like another person. I felt strong, elevated and powerful. It made such a huge difference. Good hair and a good make-up moment can make you feel a million dollars.”

Her grandmother has spent years dishing out excellent beauty advice (her tip on how to achieve fluttery eyelashes are well worth noting) and her sisters, Cara and Chloe, love lotions and potions even more than she does: “Chloe has a nail polish addiction – she has more than god. Still to this day, I steal one when I go to her house… sorry Chloe.”

Delevingne’s latest project, season three of Riviera, expanded her beauty knowledge even further, including finding a scent that instantly takes her back to South of France set location – and quite frankly who couldn’t do with a slice of the Riviera right now? “Wood sage and sea salt by Jo Malone London reminds me of being by the sea, but also of pine trees in that overwhelming heat. It takes me back, I’ve got butterflies.”

From tan-enhancing cheats that require zero sun exposure (it’s time to dig out your brown eyeliner) to the perfect red lipstick to ensure instant glamour, here the actress and muse shares her ultimate tips and tricks, and what she’s learnt about beauty over the years.

“My views of beauty have changed as I’ve grown older,” she says. “I now feel that less is more. In my twenties, I was piling it on. Every picture taken of me in my twenties, I’m wearing a lot of frosted eyeshadow… I wish I hadn’t worn so much of it, but back then it was kind of cool.”

Season three of Riviera is available to watch now

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