Best PS5 Gifts For 2020: PlayStation Gift Ideas, Games, And More

The PlayStation 5 released in November, kicking off a new generation of gaming for PlayStation fans. The PS5 launch included an exciting lineup of titles like Demon’s Souls and Spider-Man: Miles Morales, but it was also marked by a disappointing lack of stock available at retailers. Unless you were someone who preordered as soon as listings went live in September, you’ve pretty much been out of luck the past few months. There have been PS5 restocks, including ones on launch day and Black Friday, but those have been prone to site crashes and quick sellout. We’ve included the PS5 as part of our PlayStation gift guide this year as Sony has promised more PS5 inventory will be sent to retailers before the end of the year, but just keep in mind you may have trouble buying the new console. (See our PS5 restock guide for more details.)

However, you may also be shopping for someone who was lucky enough to buy a PS5 and has happily been playing it for the past month or so. Maybe your PlayStation fan is satisfied to keep gaming on their PS4 for the time being. Either way, you might be wondering what to gift them this year, and to help you out, we’ve rounded up the best PlayStation gifts for 2020. Naturally, the PS5 is on this list, but there’s no shortage of games, accessories, collectibles, and merchandise available as well.

This holiday season is absolutely packed with huge PS4 and PS5 games, and there are plenty of new figures, art books, and more for gamers to add to their collection. Marquee titles like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Cyberpunk 2077, and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla join the vast library of great PlayStation games along with gems from earlier this year like The Last of Us Part II, Ghost of Tsushima, and Final Fantasy VII Remake.

For more PlayStation gift ideas, see our guides to the best PS5 gaming headsets, the best 4K TVs for next-gen gaming, and the biggest PS5 games up for preorder now.

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PS5 Cyber Monday 2020 deals: PlayStation games & accessories on sale

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Sadly, it’s too early to expect a discount on the new PlayStation 5 console. In fact, you may find it tough to lay hands on one at the regular price because stock is low everywhere. There are still some ways to save during

Cyber Monday
, though, if you’re looking for games and accesories.

We have found a handful of discounted PS5 games and gaming headsets that might interest you.

It’s also worth checking out some of the deals on PS4 games, as there are loads of price cuts right now and they will work on the PS5, too. While some PS4 titles are being upgraded on the PS5 for free, others require you to buy the PS5 version for the full upgrade, but all will run better and faster on the new console.

And remember, just because you can’t get a PS5, doesn’t mean there aren’t loads of other tech deals worth checking out.

The best PS5 game and accessory deals

Made for the PS5, Godfall is an epic action-RPG that casts you in the role of the last Valorian knight, a fierce warrior on a collision course with a mad god. This is gorgeous-looking melee action that’s unashamedly style over substance.

Spectacular space dogfights are the name of the game in Star Wars: Squadrons, which has recently been updated to take advantage of the powerful new PS5 hardware.

More standout PS5 game and accessory deals:

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Cyber Monday PS5 deals: save on PS5 games, PS5 accessories, TVs and more

PS5 Cyber Monday deals are now live, and we’re rounding up the very best discounts during today’s sales event so you don’t miss out. While we’re not expecting to see any PS5 stock arrive, Cyber Monday is a great chance to save on PS5 games and PS5 accessories, along with various gaming headsets that work on Sony’s new system. 

Unfortunately, if you haven’t already snagged a PS5, finding one is still proving to be a challenge. That said, if you’re keeping track of stock announcements, more PS5 stock has been showing up at retailers, just as it did at Walmart, Best Buy and GameStop as you’re figuring out where to buy a PS5. 

But, if you need to get stocked up on PS5 games and accessories, you can find plenty of those on sale. Even some of the latest games are discounted, which is a nice surprise. Don’t forget that you can play the vast majority of PS4 games (some with graphical enhancements) on the PS5, and use PS4 accessories, thanks to its backwards compatibility support, and there’s no shortage of deals on those items. 

It’s a great chance to save, then, but as we’ve already seen with the PS5 pre-orders and US launch, demand is still extremely high. We recommend you act fast, and don’t linger over the “add to basket” button for too long. Also, keep an eye on our dedicated PS4 Cyber Monday deals page for all the best PS4 discounts.

Will there be any Cyber Monday PS5 deals?

PS5 stock continues to be scarce and demand for the console remains extraordinarily high, but retailers have already offered limited units for sale of late. When stock has arrived, it’s mainly been bundles on offer, such as including an extra controller or a game as part of the package, so be prepared to pay more than the typical $499 / £449 / AU$749 asking price. 

Again, we haven’t seen any price cuts on the PS5 itself, due to how new the console is, and the fact Sony really doesn’t need to discount its next-gen system to sell it right now. It would be a surprise to see any PS5 stock arrive for Cyber Monday, but you just never know. 

Cyber Monday Sale ends in

Sony PS5 Digital Console…

Sony PlayStation 5 Disc PS5…

Sony PlayStation 5 Disc…

Sony Playstation 5 Console…

Check out more Cyber Monday Sale deals from these top retailers:

Cyber Monday PS5 deals in the US

PlayStation VR – Marvel’s Iron Man Bundle: $349.99 at Amazon
Step into the world of virtual reality with PlayStation VR. This bundle includes everything you’ll need, including a PS Camera, Move controllers and Iron Man. If you plan on using PS

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Black Friday PS5 deals: PS5 games, PS5 accessories on sale

There’s no more waiting for Black Friday. PS5 deals are kicking off to make kitting out your new system with games and accessories a lot easier. Unfortunately, if you haven’t already snagged the console itself, finding one will be a challenge. That said, if you’re quick on your feet, more PS5 stock has been expected to show up at retailers for Black Friday, just as it did at Walmart, Best Buy and GameStop before quickly selling out.

Don’t focus too much on discounts on the PS5, as we haven’t seen any yet, and the most important thing is figuring out where to buy a PS5. But, if you need to get stocked up on PS5 games and accessories, you can find plenty of those on sale. Even some of the latest games are discounted. 

As more Black Friday deals come in, we’ll be updating this post to share the best ones. So, if you’ve been looking for the best PS5 accessories but don’t see the one you want, make sure to keep checking back for updates. And, don’t forget that you can use many PS4 games (some with graphical enhancements) and PS4 accessories with the PS5 thanks to its backwards compatibility, and there’s no shortage of deals on those items. 

It’s a great chance to save, but as we’ve already seen with the PS5 pre-orders and US launch, demand is likely to be extremely high. We recommend you act fast, then, and don’t linger over the “add to basket” button for too long.

We’ll be keeping tabs on the best PS5 Black Friday deals right here, so keep this page bookmarked for some great discounts. Also, keep an eye on our dedicated Black Friday PS4 deals page for all the best PS4 discounts.

Will there be any Black Friday PS5 deals?

PS5 stock continues to be scarce and demand for the console remains extraordinarily high, but retailers have already stated that limited units will be available during Black Friday weekend. It’s likely that bundles will be on offer, chucking in an extra controller or a game as part of the package, so be prepared to pay more than the typical $499 / £449 / AU$749 asking price. 

Again, we’re not expecting to see a price cut on the PS5 itself, due to how new console is the fact Sony really doesn’t need to discount its next-gen system to sell it right now. 

Black Friday PS5 deals available now

Walmart recently received new PS5 stock, however, it’s now sold out. Best Buy and Amazon are tipped to have limited stock, too, so keep your eyes peeled.

Remember, the PS4 games below will also play on PS5 with many receiving a free next-gen upgrade, so it’s a great chance to expand your library of games for less. We’d keep our expectations in check when it comes to deals on games or accessories

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The Best PS5 Accessories | Digital Trends

The PS5 is now available, and while you’ll have a hard time getting one, that doesn’t mean you can’t plan some accessory shopping in the meantime. The accessory selection is decently robust for a launch product, and we’ve done the heavy lifting for you to find the best PS5 accessories you can get right now.

For more on the PS5, be sure to check out our review as well as our comparison between the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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DualSense wireless controller

Consoles still only come with one controller, so it is going to be worth it to pick up another one while you’re at it. An additional controller is ideal if you want to do any local co-op or need to switch out the controllers if one dies.

Luckily, the DualSense controller is one of the best controllers ever made, thanks to its ergonomic design, variable tension triggers, and improved haptic vibration. Plus, the new design looks straight out of the future, much like console itself.

It’s the best controller for the PS5, and you are going to need another one anyway.

Pulse 3D wireless headset

Last generation had Sony Gold headsets, and the PS5 has the Pulse 3D. This headset has been fine-tuned for 3D audio, giving you an immersive and realistic audio experience while playing. The Pulse 3D headphones also have plush and comfortable ear cups and an inner band to improve stability while you wear it.

For online gamers, the Pulse 3D headset has discreet dual hidden microphones for clear audio without a boom mic jutting from the headset.

And for $100, the headset is a good deal that delivers an impressive sound experience.

The PS5 is a game console first, but for many people it will also be the central media hub for their homes. Most people use their consoles to stream Netflix and YouTube just as much as they use it to game. That’s why you’ll need the PS5 media remote. It has the typical play/pause options as well as dedicated buttons for major streaming services.

The built-in IR transmitter will also let you adjust audio and power on compatible TVs, potentially making this the only remote you need. Plus it has the curved all-white aesthetic of the console, rounding out the design language.

HD camera

Streaming is becoming more popular with each passing year, and Sony aims to make it easier than ever to get you in front of people with its games. The HD camera for the PS5 has a 1080p image with a wide-angle lens, so viewers don’t have to worry about missing out on your beautiful mug.

The camera also has a built-in stand that lets you adjust the angle to get the right look. Plus the background removal tool helps cut out the background entirely if you have a green screen.

For $60, it’s well worth the outlay and much more functional than the average webcam.

SteelSeries Arctis 7P wireless gaming headset

The Pulse 3D headset

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12 Must-Buy Sony PS5 Games And Accessories For The Ultimate Gamer

And so, the new console generation is finally here after what seemed like months and months of waiting. For any gamer, that means new and next-generation games and gadgets to try, so we went ahead and created a quick list for you as you delve into the inner wonders of the PS5 and the wonderful world of gaming. Enjoy. 

1. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla PlayStation 5 Standard Edition

(photo from

First on our list is the “Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla.” The latest entry in Ubisoft’s “Assassin’s Creed” franchise, this game takes you away from the Greek mythos of Odyssey and instead takes you on the brutal shores and warships of Northern lands, placing you in the shoes of a Viking warrior out to fulfill his destiny and secure your place in Valhalla. Expect fast action and crazy combat, it’s an “Assassin’s Creed” gameafter all.

2. Sackboy: A Big Adventure – PlayStation 5

(photo from

For those looking for some family-friendly fun, “Sackboy: A Big Adventure” should fit right up your alley. A spinoff of the LittleBigPlanet series, this game follows Sackboy as he jumps around in a 3D platformer while crazy colors and critters of all kinds, interact with you in the background, making it the perfect lazy Sunday gaming experience. 

3. Demon’s Souls – PlayStation 5

(photo from

If Sackboy is all about chill and friendly fun, then this game is easily on the other side of the spectrum. Brutal, unrelenting, and famously hard, this remake of the classic PS3 title is just as devious as it was 11 years ago, only this time, it’s much more polished and shiny. Expect to see the “YOU DIED” screen a lot, because in this brutal game, death is only the beginning. 

4. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

(photo from

The iconic “Black Ops” series from the “Call of Duty” franchise comes back or should we say, “goes back” in time as it takes you in the middle of the Cold War.  The sixth installment in the “Black Ops” series and the 17th game from the COD franchise, Cold War will have you tracking down a Russian spy plotting to overthrow the U.S.A. 

5. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Launch Edition – PlayStation 5

(photo from

Swing back among the many skyscrapers of New York as the new Spider-Man in Insomniac’s “Spider-Man: Miles Morales.” Putting you in the shoes of Miles instead of Peter this time, the game will take you alongside a familiar story, one where our hero learns what responsibility is all about… all while you swing around buildings and kick baddies in the ass. As an added bonus, this edition also comes with an upgraded Spider-Man for the PS4 game. 

6. Godfall – (PS5) Playstation 5

(photo from

Published by Gearbox, Godfall is the latest online action-RPG made for the PS5. In the game, you are essentially the last of the Valorian knights,  and you are tasked with preventing a major apocalyptic event.

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Where can you buy a PS5 or Xbox Series X on Black Friday?

Can you get a Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X during Black Friday week. Theoretically, yes.

Can you get a Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X during Black Friday week. Theoretically, yes.


The Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are among the hot-ticket items this holiday season, but shoppers are having trouble getting their hands on the elusive game systems.

Preorders began in September for the Xbox Series X and PS5, made by Microsoft and Sony, respectively. They quickly sold out, and they remained hard to come by earlier this month when the systems were released.

Can you get one during Black Friday week?

Theoretically, yes. Many retailers plan on selling the systems on their online sites throughout the week.

The Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 will be sold in “limited quantities” on Walmart’s website at 9 p.m. ET Wednesday, the retailer said. Walmart also said there will be more online deals Friday.

Best Buy said it will sell the systems online only in “limited quantities.” The company did not say what time the consoles will be made available.

Some consoles will be up for grabs at GameStop’s brick-and-mortar stores when they open at 7 a.m. local time Friday. Each store will have at least two consoles available for both systems, GameStop said.

If you’re hoping to buy one of the consoles online, prepare for nearly immediate sell-outs, which have often been the case since they became available.

As far as the PS5, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan recently told Russian news outlet TASS “absolutely everything is sold.” The PS5 has appeared more limited in online stock, selling out quicker than the new Xbox system.

“I’ve spent much of the last year trying to be sure that we generate enough demand for the product,” Ryan said. “And now in terms of my executive bandwidth, I’m spending a lot more time on trying to increase supply to meet demand.”

Both consoles are available on eBay, but you’ll have to spend a pretty penny to secure one. The higher-priced PS5 and Xbox Series X are being sold at retailers for $499 but are often priced at more than $1,000 on eBay.

Video game website IGN offered tips for purchasing a PS5 on Black Friday, which can also be applied for Xbox purchases. It suggests shoppers log in to retailers’ websites and save credit card information before attempting to buy a system.

“The reality is that there are a ton of factors weighing on this console launch right now, from supply issues to massive pent-up demand and increased attention being paid to video games during lockdowns,” Forbes reported. “At some point, it will become easier to purchase a PS5 or Xbox Series X+S, but it’s likely going to take a little bit.”

Twitter accounts that offer updates about restocks include @PS5StockAlerts, @Wario64 and @IGNDeals, reported.

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